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Project me

You know it’s time for a change, right? This is about not waiting and taking a good hard look at the life you are living.

Resilience over happiness 1

Resilience over happiness

Should happiness really be the goal? Find out what’s possible when you deliberately get uncomfortable in life.

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Master communicators

The future success of individuals and organisations will depend on master communication, and all the research tells us so.

Success is personal

Success is personal

Is success an actual thing? Yes! Learn the attributes, skills and behaviours common to successful, healthy and happy people.

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Read me first

Published author and global coach Lisa Stephenson brings her book to life in this masterclass.

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Beliefs and biases

Do your beliefs support or sabotage you? Learn how to adapt and create new ways of thinking, being and behaving.

Dilemmas and hard stuff

Dilemmas and hard stuff

Why are some people just so difficult? Diversity of personalities, values, opinions and cultures can create both conflict and opportunity.

Knowing Me Knowing You

Knowing me, knowing you

What do people say about you when you aren’t in the room? Self-awareness is essential for effective self-management.

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Behavioural styles and impact

Do you know why you behave the way you do? Better understand your own behaviour and that of others, for better results and relationships.

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Building your tribe

Successful and happy people surround themselves with those who make them better. Who should you have around you?

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Ego! A dirty word…

This is the strategy all our coaching clients wish they had been taught in school, and go away to tell their teams and friends about.