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Knowing me, knowing you

Available as a masterclass, workshop, conference topic, keynote presentation

It’s uncomfortable knowing that people say things about us that we don’t know or wouldn’t believe. We constantly create for people the experience of us. How they see us compared to how we see ourselves can be very different things. True self-awareness is a complex interweaving of how we see ourselves and how others see us, what our motives and drivers are, and what behaviour and beliefs are serving and not serving us. Although most people believe they are self-aware, true self-awareness is a rare yet attainable quality. It requires work!

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In this session you’ll undertake a review which will help you learn more about yourself and the different aspects of your personal ‘brand’. It is about examining, assimilating, aligning and learning from both the internal and the external perspectives of yourself; about who and how you are, and what you did not previously know about yourself. It will help you develop a more accurate and nuanced self-concept, and you’ll understand more clearly how to leverage your unique qualities. This review requires an open mind to explore what you and others see and know about you, what aspects and potential you may be currently unaware of, what masks you wear or what walls you put up to protect yourself. Do you want to more confidently and completely know yourself? Are you ready to improve your brand and relationships, and increase your trust and rapport with others? You will walk away from this session keen to seek feedback, ask better questions and know what’s needed to be a more self-aware human.

Knowing me, knowing you is available as a:

  • 90 minute masterclass
  • 4 hour workshop
  • breakout conference sessions online or in the room
  • keynote presentation or speech

If you’re interested in Knowing me, knowing you for your team or organisation, please email us.