The Story of Us

Connecting the story of us, with the story of you.

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Our Approach

We are a disruptive boutique coaching firm who boldly partners with people to amplify their possibilities, so that they can do the work that matters.

There’s never been a more important time for organisations to build their human capital.

Our highly skilled and intuitive coaches deeply connect and build trust immediately. This trust, and our expertise, allows clients to be fully immersed, to be vulnerable, and to do the work required on themselves to accelerate true growth.

They emerge as more connected, self-aware and responsible humans who will amplify what is possible for them, and those around them. Courage and commitment are non-negotiables, as we partner together and set our clients up for personal and professional success.

This is our difference.

Whether it’s accelerating the growth of an individual, transforming a team into high performance or a holistic cultural intervention, we will ensure the brief is delivered on. We are serious about what we do and carry the responsibility of our clients learning and growth, as the privilege that it is.

Our Team

Client Testimonials

This is a team of highly experienced and talented coaches, that I’ve personally worked with over a number of years. Their skill and passion for all things related to potential and performance is out of this world. My journey with them started years ago with their high impact Thrive program. There is no end to the stories and evidence that can be found from the profound impact of their programs. They build trust quickly, ask the questions that need to be explored, and bring a coaching expertise that allows individuals, teams and organisations to work hard on who they are being. Their programs create life long connections, personal transformation and are a true gift for people who are committed to real personal development.

- Sally Bruce
Culture Amp, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

This team design and deliver truly transformational programs and coaching services. Their personal and collective commitment to their clients learning and growth is known, respected and valued by many. I’ve engaged Lisa and her team across the past 12 years to deliver on various briefs. The Thrive program is life changing, confronting and demands growth and truth from those who accept the challenge. The pinnacle event creates an opportunity for leaders to share their stories and learning in a way that will have you recalling it as one of the best and most meaningful days of your career. The results they achieve are long lasting when it comes to healthy culture, connected relationships, increased personal success, and happiness. Yes, I recommend this team and trust them implicitly.

- David Hornery
Judo Bank, Co Chief Executive Officer

In these challenging times, you want any external consultants or partners you engage to be highly skilled and ready to bring out the very best in your people and organisation. You want to know that they can interpret your brief, and ideally, add even more value than you’re expecting. This coaching team design and deliver in a way that makes you feel like you are their only client. Over the years I have come back to them with various and differing needs. And I’ve accessed this team for my own personal coaching. (Kathy Rodwell is among the best of the best.) Led by the highly respected Lisa Stephenson, this team of coaches and facilitators will bring a coaching expertise that’s sure to tap into your team’s potential, build your leaders, and evolve culture.

- Jenni Bliss
Department of Health, Executive Director, COVID-19 response

For over 6 years we have engaged this team to create high impact programs and coaching experiences for our people. They are passionate and skilled in every step of the personal development journey. They’ve delivered their highly valued Lead program for us globally, and their masterclasses are everything that they promise. Whether it’s our executive leadership team in Melbourne, or our wine makers in Napa, this team connect, challenge and support personal growth and cultural change. There’s something special about this team that is a bit out of the ordinary. They use every bit of their vast coaching experience and intuition to create programs that are life changing for some, and high impact for all.

- Katie Hodgson
Treasury Wine Estates, Chief People Officer

Lisa, Jon, Chris and Kathy have all coached leaders across our business. I’ve worked with many coaches and consultants throughout my career, but this team is unique in how they work and add value where you don’t expect it. Your people will be better at what they do because of this team. They hit the ground running and you immediately see the difference they make to mindset, culture and leadership skill. Their care factor is high and their talent as true business partners is evident. I engaged them to deliver their Lead program for our executive leadership team. The coaches are expert story tellers and know where and when to prod. The pinnacle event where we shared our Leadership Point of Views will remain a career highlight for us. An insightful, emotional and inspiring day. As coaches they don’t fit the typical mould. You just have to step in and trust their process. They know what they are doing.

- Hugh Killen
Australian Agricultural Company, Chief Executive Officer

For six years I've observed this team in action. I know multiple leaders who would openly tell you that their Thrive program is the most career accelerating and meaningful development experience of their career. The coaches and facilitators don’t let anyone get away without doing the work on themselves. They embrace the sceptics and invite everyone to explore who they have been and who they really want to be. The work they do is delivered with absolute skill and sensitivity. Participants seek out nominations for their programs, such is this team's reputation for real personal growth. Lisa leads her team with ambition, commitment and a level of experience that’s hard to find. If you are looking for truly talented coaches, focused on maximising impact - this team is worth talking to.

- Justin Greiner
JBWere, Chief Executive Officer

It’s with ease that I can write about this spectacular team of coaches and facilitators. Over the last eight years, I’ve continued to engage them for the expertise, passion and knowledge they consistently bring to the room. I’ve watched the effectiveness and impact of their Lead and Thrive programs on a wide variety of people and understand why they are in demand around the globe. They don’t feel like external consultants. They know how to build deeply connected relationships and immerse themselves in the experience along with participants. They bring a coaching lens to their facilitation, always challenging how people are thinking, behaving and leading. Most recently we’ve been leveraging their coaching team to work with some of our leaders and have also had them facilitate a number of their virtual masterclasses to support the learning and growth of our people.

- Megan Collins
Judo Bank, Chief People Officer

Lisa and the team at The Coach Place Global challenge and enable individuals and organisations to grow and flourish. They combine real understanding of the levers of business growth, useful and intelligent frameworks, real empathy, remarkable experiences and deep interpersonal connection to unlock the power of human potential. Always inspiring, sometimes challenging, and undoubtably valuable, the team at The Coach Place Global deliver lasting and sustainable positive growth.

- Michelle Terry
Movember, Chief Executive Officer

Across the past 10 years and across two different organisations I have engaged this team. They are quite a force together and individually. I’ve brought them in at different times to coach me personally and also to coach my leadership teams. They have facilitated critical leadership and development programs at times when true upskilling was required. They know how to inspire and impact culture in a way that provokes real and sustainable change. ‘The Coach Place Global’ team are extremely talented at building rapport and meaningful connections with groups and individuals. They are skilled at quickly building true trust, and recognise when to allow space for reflection. Their knowledge is evidence-based and contemporary. Importantly, they know when to make it fun! They are really likeable, people want to be around them, and that’s a powerful thing when it comes to setting up environments for learning. I would highly recommend their engagement if you need support building a great culture and a high performing team.

- Robyn Hayles
Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, Chief Executive Officer

As a participant of NAB's now infamous Thrive programme, I can honestly say it had an enormous impact on me as a leader, as a member of a team, as well as a father, husband and human. That’s a big call ! Writing an “I Am Statement”, a process which took a number of months and a surprising amount of self-discovery at this stage of my career and life, has had a multitude of benefits to both my professional and personal life. Lisa and her team of intuitive coaches provide an enormous level of support and guidance through a programme which cannot fail to have a significant impact on your life. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.

- Jason Murray
Humm Group, Chief Financial Officer

I’ve worked with this experienced coaching team for seven years and known them for longer than that, because once you immerse yourself in their programs you know they are forever in your corner. They have delivered their Thrive program at NAB, a personal growth and leadership program, for our most talented people. It’s designed to help them be the absolute best version of themselves by deeply confronting them on “who they are”. The depth of thinking in Lisa’s approach on how to design a year-long program is strategic, high impact and thoughtful. The care, skills and coaching approach that The Coach Place Global team brings to our people is world class. The real test is what our people say and do after the program, and there is nothing but admiration and affirmation from them. And the proof is that our Thrive group have the highest ‘promotability’ to next level of any group we deal with. Thanks Lisa and crew – I love what you do! Experts in every aspect of the coaching, facilitation and consulting services that you provide.

- Russell Jansen
NAB, General Manager, Wealth Operations

I have engaged this super talented coaching team to work with my global teams across Asia, America and Australia. I’ve also personally experienced their coaching expertise and can’t recommend Lisa, Anna, Chris and Kathy enough for their never ending energy, focus and coaching skill. It would be appropriate to say their Coach Me 25 program has made myself and many others I know, better, healthier and happier in the aspects of life that really matter. I most recently participated in their Lead program with my executive team. The process of crafting my Leadership Point of View was personal, confronting and re-energised my focus as a leader. It was an inspiring and connecting experience for our team who are now having ongoing and important leadership conversations built on trust and shared leadership vision. The coach place global team are rock solid humans. Life is better with them in it with you.

- Andrew O'Brien
Australian Agricultural Company, Chief Commercial Officer

Over the last 5 years I have engaged Lisa and her team to work with my leadership teams with varying briefs and end objectives in mind. Their professional, warm and challenging approach earned the respect of my teams instantly. There were always laughs and fun along the way but they always knew how to keep us focused and encourage our thinking, helping us to always arrive with outcomes such as critical business plans and strategies to set us up for success. Lisa is inspiring, funny and it goes without saying how incredibly talented she is as a speaker and facilitator. And I have to mention Anna. Her authenticity, professionalism and desire to deliver on purpose is why I would highly recommend her. This is a team of coaches who are known for their expert design, deep care for client relationships, and passion for learning and leadership.

- Fiona Batten
Travel and Beyond Australia/NZ, Chief Executive Officer

You can trust that they will support you through the critical growth moments that really matter.

- Lauren Solly
F5, Senior HR Business Partner for Australia/NZ

The Thrive program was a turning point in my career, leadership story and personal journey. Lisa and her incredible team of coaches at The Coach Place Global provided me the opportunity, space and support to really understand myself. I took the time to reflect on the aspects of my history that made me who I am today. I learnt how to tell my story, and how to create the impact I want in all areas of my life. The team create a safe and supportive environment to enable you to be your most courageous self, and to push past those things that may be holding you back so you can really be the best version of you. I am a more self aware, trusted and evolved leader because of my time with this team. Sincere gratitude for the difference they make to so many.

- Jasmine Ashton
NAB, Executive, Corporate and Institutional

I met them as a participant on their incredible Thrive program. Life changing is an understatement.

- Melanie Hilton
Westpac, Chief Operating Officer, Risk Division

5 years after graduating from the Thrive program I think about it often and carry a lot of the learnings -- even today. With Lisa and her experienced team you are in great hands.

- Patrick Vizzone
ANZ Hong Kong, Head of Coverage and Food, Beverage and Agribusiness, International

Thrive still is the single most, greatest development gift of my now 20 year career. I had no idea what to expect when nominated for the NAB Thrive program but it was more than career defining, it was life changing. The personal reflection and learning whilst composing my I Am statement was confronting yet it brought about a clarity that I know I was so privileged to receive when it comes to truly understanding one’s self. I often still contemplate the questions the coaches would pose when I have choices to make in work or life - checking in with myself to ensure I am still on track for being the best version of me in all aspects of my life. It’s hard to describe Thrive. There’s nothing else I can compare it to.

- Madeleine Harris
NAB, Regional Manager, Business - Regional & Agribusiness

After almost a decade of working in a corporate environment, I have been to many development programs. I have never experienced such a high calibre development experience as I did on the Thrive program. It offers a truly unique learning experience. The program forces you to get out of your comfort zone and dig deep to understand what drives you, motivates you and makes you who you are. This is done in the safest environment with the best coaches in the world with you every step of the way. I would highly recommend Thrive and would jump back into learning with this team again in a heartbeat!

- Matthew Poplawski
Telstra, Strategic Modelling Manager

Lead is the best development experience I’ve had in my career. The Lead program made me a better and more effective leader, colleague and mentor to others, and I will carry these skills with me for as long as I’m responsible for others. Lead inspired a life long commitment to being the very best leader I can be, and I continue to use my Leadership Point of View to keep me focused, inspired and accountable. I loved sharing this experience with my peers, we laughed and learnt a lot. The sessions were always motivating and also challenging. Lisa Stephenson is an exceptional coach, and she is also simply one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. Yes, it’s easy to recommend Lead, Lisa and her team.