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The Story of Us

Connecting the story of us, with the story of you.

Our Approach

This is a time for dynamic learning. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for creative learning solutions that'll both challenge and inspire you and your people. We’ve looked closely at the challenges facing the world we live in and the subsequent 'hot topics'. We know that many of you are getting ready for your next chapter – getting specific about the skills, behaviours and mindset that are required of you to show up in a way that truly reflects your strengths and potential. It’s no secret that 2022 is going to offer significant opportunities for those who've done the work on themselves to create change and really succeed.

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Our Team

Here at The Coach Place Global, we have an amazing and diverse team, with a range of qualifications, accreditations, skills, experience, approaches, specialities and personalities. Whether you're looking for a coach, facilitator, consultant, workshop designer or high-impact and entertaining speaker – you'll find awesome people right here on this page.

If you need a one-hour coaching session, a one-day workshop, a monthly masterclass series, a one-year developmental program, or something else – we have the team for you. Find out more about our core team of senior coaches and facilitators by clicking on their details below. We've been working together for about 15 years and share a strong commitment to our clients' success and growth. We're known for the impact we deliver to our clients – individually and collectively. We also have a broad network of incredible individuals who work with us on client programs and projects. Just tell us what you need, and we'll know just the right person!

Client Testimonials