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Beliefs and biases

Available as a masterclass, workshop, conference topic, keynote presentation

Our beliefs about our current reality, options and potential can be somewhat illogical and fallible and steeped in bias based on experience. The problem is that these beliefs can be a huge hinderance to our success. Everything we learnt from our teachers, family and friends is embedded in our brain and has shaped our everyday life. The truth is that our memory is like a filing cabinet filled with random bytes of information based on the experiences we have (and don’t have), and that we continually deconstruct and reconstruct; a filing cabinet rather than an actual collection of true facts and accurate reality. We pull bits and pieces together and develop beliefs about how things were, are, should, and can be. We develop blockers and biases that often do not serve us, and then we make faulty assumptions to fill in gaps.

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In fact, researchers have found around 200 common biases and agree that our memories are an unreliable source of information - despite the fact that 95% of our decisions are made in our subconscious mind based on this information. Our ‘truth’ limits us and leads us to errors of judgement, poor decisions, inappropriate responses, and unproductive action. Feeding into this muddle, 70% of our self-talk tends to be negative — self-critical, pessimistic, or fearful. This session is about better understanding the things we think and do that get in our own way, and learning how to reframe and change them to create more productive and outcome focused ways of being. Are you ready to move past your blockers and better leverage your strengths? This session utilises awesome activities we use with our coaching clients.

Beliefs and biases is available as a:

  • 90 minute masterclass
  • 4 hour workshop
  • breakout conference sessions online or in the room
  • keynote presentation or speech

If you’re interested in Beliefs and biases for your team or organisation, please email us.