Dilemmas and hard stuff

Available as a masterclass, workshop, conference topic, keynote presentation
Dilemmas and hard stuff

Why are some people just so difficult? Diversity of personalities, values, opinions and cultures can create both conflict and opportunity.

Stress and tension create discomfort, negative feelings, poor behaviour, and sometimes irreparable damage to relationships. We can then choose to get stuck in the emotion of that or we can learn to better manage and lead ourselves and others through the difficult situation. Nearly all conflict is the result of someone not honouring something of value to another. The process to resolve issues can be purposeful, professional, and energising. Handled well, problems and conflict can be precursors to the robust conversations that lead to positive change and trust. Regardless of the context and of your own role, it is extremely helpful to have a clear idea about how you can proactively and consciously manage yourself.

This session is about learning better ways to connect, negotiate, de-escalate, listen and resolve. It is about adding models, frameworks, tips and strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving to your toolkit. It will assist you with self-management, trigger recognition, rapport building, relationship healing, and confidence in adversity. This session will encourage and empower you to adapt, take the initiative, remain positive and professional, and find the best way forward for all the important people in your life. Are you ready to find more resiliency and higher performance under pressure? It’s who we are when it’s hard, that really shows people what we value.

Dilemmas and hard stuff is available as a:

  • 90 minute masterclass
  • 4 hour workshop
  • breakout conference sessions online or in the room
  • keynote presentation or speech

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