What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process and immersive learning experience that creates space for you to define what your best life looks and feels like. A great coach asks you questions you haven’t thought of, reflects back what you’re saying and missing, and inspires your thinking. When you’ve been coached you should be more self-aware, better able to self-manage and feel a stronger sense of connectedness to your future. Coaches challenge why you behave, feel and live as you do, while nurturing what you most value. High-impact coaching conversations and experiences build your confidence, grow your mindset and support you in being the very best version of you.

Coaching is different to counselling. While both are about real personal reflection and discovery, coaching is more future focused, action based and holds you accountable for your next steps. Coaching is not mentoring. Mentors often tell you what to do and share their wisdom and experience to guide you. Coaches challenge and trust you to work out your own solutions and plans. Coaches ask lots of questions!

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