This is our deeply personal flagship program and what we are most famous for. There is nowhere to hide as you look into every corner of who you are and who you want to be. There will be no passengers as you step knee deep into doing the work on you that will truly amplify how you show up in every aspect of your life. Life changing is an outcome, and the crafting of your personal story will serve you for years to come. Your world will be different.

Our 'Thrive' programs are available at three different levels to reflect the life experience, career and courage of participants. We'll partner with you to determine the most valuable and high-impact learning for your people.

Level 1 – For those who've done minimal work on themselves from a coaching, formal learning and developmental perspective.

Level 2 – Designed for participants who are self-aware, focused on personal growth and are ready to get uncomfortable and stretch themselves.

Level 3 – A unique, life-changing and often confronting experience for those who are at a critical point in life and are ready to truly own their strengths, potential and story.

Are you an organisation?

  • We work globally with our clients and can support the integration of this program within your current developmental initiatives and cultural programs.
  • 'Thrive' can be scaled across your organisation with large masterclass sizes, allowing for participants to have a shared experience.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs are available for your internal HR and L&D teams. We provide you with all collateral, knowledge and training so that they can deliver 'Thrive' for you.
  • 'Thrive' can be licensed on an annual basis.
  • Please note, this program is also available as a face-to-face program with your people in situ (as government regulations allow).
  • See our client testimonials for examples of global clients for whom we’ve delivered this program. San Francisco, Singapore and London ... we’ve been there partnering with people to design their success, write their personal story and step into their full potential.

Are you part of a team?

  • For newly formed teams, 'Thrive' will accelerate understanding of each other’s behaviours, working preferences, communication styles and personal values.
  • 'Thrive' can be delivered for established teams with a focus on building their relationships and trust with each other. Everything will feel different!
  • For experienced teams, 'Thrive' will have people building lifelong relationships and greater respect for each other.

Are you an individual?

  • See our programs page for the next public program dates for 'Thrive', related masterclasses, or to make an enquiry.
  • Yes! One of our experienced coaches can deliver this program for you privately. Fees available on application after further understanding of your desired outcomes.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, founding director or anyone wanting to be better and do more, see our individual coaching programs.
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Participants are asked to think what's possible if you:

  • were invited to really ‘know’ you, what your thinking, behaviour and ways of being are about
  • develop greater self-awareness – a key competency to increase your emotional intelligence
  • develop a broader, deeper, enhanced vision and version of yourself, and of how you function as an individual and with others
  • took advantage of an opportunity to tell your ‘story’ to an interested audience
  • participated in an experience that raised possibilities for self-development you had never thought about, or thought possible before
  • were more able to leverage your strengths and minimise the impact of any inherent weaknesses


To build confidence and self-understanding that serves future success, roles and relationships. This is a full-life audit where participants should prepare themselves to answer these three critical questions:

  1. Who have I been? – By understanding the past version of me I can identify what I need to let go of, what I need to leverage and what beliefs/behaviours will serve me going forward.
  2. Who am I? – By exploring the current version of me I have clarity on my story, and understand more of why I behave, live and work as I do.
  3. Who do I want to be? – By challenging my own views on my potential, strengths and purpose, I can start to deliberately design my development and next chapter.

'Thrive' looks at the ‘whole self’ and has been designed for those who are committed to being more and better. This is a deeply personal and professional journey.

Proposed outcomes:

  • Achieved a deeper level of self-awareness and clarity on who they are as a ‘whole person’, including understanding their values, purpose, priorities, strengths and development areas.
  • Greater awareness of the impact they have on others and greater accountability and responsibility for working towards being the best version of their unique ‘self’.
  • Identified and worked through any limiting beliefs which may be holding them back, with increased courage to stretch themselves and realise their potential.
  • Developed an understanding of their personal brand, with clarity about who they want to be, what they want to be known for and actions required to achieve this.
  • Gained clarity around their career aspirations and what is required to be successful, with deeper understanding and ownership over a tailored learning agenda, future career planning and self-managed learning.
  • Learnt about the craft of writing their personal story and the art of sharing it with others – skills that'll serve them throughout their careers.
  • Learnt to translate this personal growth into being a better and more effective human (colleague, coach, leader, parent, friend …)
  • Shared their 6–8 minute ‘I am …’ statement, to consolidate learning and receive feedback. This is a personal statement about who they are, what they stand for and who they'll become. The writing and sharing of this statement is high impact, connecting and inspiring.

Are you interested in the online version of 'Thrive'? Download our full program outline below for more details.

Or for the face-to-face version, this is a customised program. We'll therefore provide a quote depending on duration, numbers and location. Click here to make an enquiry to setup a time with one of our facilitators to discuss the program.

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