Mark Stuart

Mark Stuart - Global Coach & Facilitator

Mark Stuart is an internationally acclaimed executive leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, entrepreneur, director, award-winning choreographer, and creative producer.

With a 20 year global career in leadership, show-business, and entrepreneurship, Mark has supported hundreds of leaders across a wide variety of industries, including at organizations such as Google, Meta, Sony, and Shopify. In the creative fields, his award-winning productions, performances, and choreography have been featured on Broadway, film, in print, and around the world.

Known for trailblazing & redefining the rules of the game, catalyzing high-trust, inclusive collaborations & communities, helping leaders see & step into possibility, and simplifying complexity, he's worked closely with some of the world’s brightest minds including twenty-time bestselling author Seth Godin, and multiple Booker Prize winner and author of The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood. He’s also spent two decades guiding celebrities in the worlds of theater, film, and fashion.

Mark believes that at the intersection of art, business, and leadership... is magic. He coaches and facilitates the same way he directs and produces theater or film: by designing a world of possibilities and creating space for brave humans to step into their own personal magic, and by holding up a mirror to what is and shining a torch on the path to what might be. And by suspending our disbelief. Because when the curtain rises and you step into the light, magic becomes real.