Lisa Stephenson

Lisa Stephenson - Founding Director

In Australia and in global markets, Lisa Stephenson has a reputation as an ultra, high-impact coach, often behind the scenes with C-suite executives and high-profile individuals in fast-paced environments where absolute trust is non-negotiable and the stakes are high. An extensive client list includes individuals, government, not-for-profits and ASX enterprises. (You've probably seen some of Lisa’s clients in action without knowing that she plays a role in their performance, mindset and wellbeing – in fact, their effectiveness and success in every aspect of life and work.)

Over 15 years of global coaching experience has seen her working with these CEOs, directors, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators – and working across financial services, telecommunications, FMCG companies, health, education, sport, government bodies and media.

Lisa's focus is invariably on building success (in all its forms) for individuals, teams and organisations. Significant experience in consulting, robust coaching relationships, program development for leaders, high-pressure boardrooms, and speaking in public auditoriums around the globe, has allowed Lisa to hone her craft and passion for optimising human potential. She knows how to navigate today’s complex and fast-evolving living and working environments with a skill that has earned her an enviable and highly-trusted reputation.

With Lisa, be prepared for a unique experience that requires you to work hard on all aspects of who you really are and want to be. Lisa is unconventional, listens hard, demands the truth and will ask questions to which you don’t yet know the answers. Time and space with Lisa may be occasionally uncomfortable, but she fully invests in you and your future. Those around you will see and feel the difference. From the moment you store her number in your phone, and as you step into the challenge that she creates, life is going to be different. Lisa will pay close attention to what you are saying, feeling and doing – and she'll help you work through why you behave, lead and live as you do. There is little to be seen of 'traditional' coaching strategies. Nothing is off limits. The agenda is yours and you will feel inspired to action.

Known for her ability to gain trust quickly and embed accountability, and for her unmatched coaching instincts, Lisa has been described as a success coach, high-performance coach, leadership mentor, talent consultant, trusted advisor, speech writer and confidante. Regardless of title, she's driven by her relentless commitment to her clients’ success. (If you want to be better at being you, you might want to call her – her results and testimonials attest to her skills.)

Lisa’s approach to consulting, storytelling and leveraging potential sees private clients and those in the corporate world seeking her out – Lisa herself, and her exceptional team. Not only is Lisa a renowned coach, but also a highly-respected leader and entrepreneur. With time and commitment, she's built a fiercely talented team. For years she's been director of one of Australia’s most in-demand consultancies. And now as the Founding Director of The Coach Place Global, Lisa is even more ambitious in her drive to bring coaching opportunities to all. Her highly-experienced team have shared much of her journey, and deliver programs primarily spanning leadership, high performance, storytelling and talent development.

And there’s more. Lisa has a highly-regarded public profile as a published author – Read Me First. And you can catch up on articles she’s written for the likes of CEO Magazine, Chief of Staff Magazine, CEO Institute and The Smart Company. She’s also a respected keynote speaker, and in demand in the media – ABC Radio, the AFR and Channels 7 and 9 to name a few.

The bottom line? Lisa is determined to contribute to the success and happiness of people near and far, including her three noisy and messy teenagers. She thinks and plays big in the world, always wanting to do her bit to make it a better place for herself, her children, and each and every person, team and organisation – globally! Email this page to myself or a friend.

Lisa's Client Testimonials

For over 6 years Lisa has worked with our leaders at TWE, including myself, and in that time has led and been engaged through so many of the memorable moments and experiences that shape our TWE DNA today. What makes Lisa’s coaching unique is that it is less about the theory of what others are doing, and more about what you do, and can be. It’s about your impact - with the balanced combination of confidence building and the tough feedback you need to hear.

- Tom Ford
Treasury Wine Estates, Chief Executive Officer

I have known and engaged Lisa for a number of years and across a number of organisations. The work she does is like no other. Regardless of who you are or what you do, she finds a way to truly explore all aspects of who you are behind and underneath the titles, labels and known success. She grounds individuals and teams whilst creating significant momentum and transformation. There is no room for ego or excuses. Just a confidential space for truth, self awareness and exploring true potential. I have worked personally with her, and witnessed the impact of the work she does with others. I’ve purchased 100s of copies of her book Read Me First for leaders, so important is her work. Lisa is one of a kind. She is warm, funny, intelligent and insightful. Lisa commits her whole self to the process of supporting those she works with to find and be a better version of themselves and I have seen her have success with the widest range of people. Her energy one on one, or on stage as a speaker, is something you will want to experience!

- Sally Bruce
Culture Amp, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Stephenson is a coach and much more. She is a phenomenal human who has an ability to do what many can’t, and she does it quickly. She is a relationship master, immersing herself in what is important to you. Lisa knows when to push, when to listen and when to leave space. She looks around corners using her strategic brain and brings a sense of care and commitment to every minute of every conversation. Her results are felt broadly, and as such she has been partnering with my leadership team as we navigate the challenges that come together with COVID-19, agriculture and leadership. Engaging Lisa as my coach has both stretched and supported me in ways that can’t and don’t need to be measured. I previously heard about her work from multiple sources. Her reputation is known and trusted implicitly. Her impact is immediate and long term. The minute you meet her, you will understand.

- Hugh Killen
Australian Agricultural Company, Chief Executive Officer

I met Lisa Stephenson at an extremely challenging time in my life. My regular coaching sessions with Lisa were essential in initially assessing my personal and professional situation and taking the steps towards being and achieving who and what I wanted to be. Having Lisa in my corner as my coach was a crucial part of being where I am today. Her coaching instincts are invaluable when it comes to mindset and she has a way of connecting that makes you trust upfront. A five-minute phone call or sit down with Lisa for two hours provided me with both strategic coaching sessions and in situ problem-solving. These different styles were crucial and a large part of her dynamic, caring and result-driven process. Thank you Lisa.

- James Hird

Lisa meets you with a kind smile and a focus on care, but these qualities are underpinned by a steely determination to hold you accountable to your true potential. I know why her clients take her with them when they start new roles or businesses. Lisa knows how to set you up for success and what you need to do to be better in all aspects of your life – she is a career accelerator.

As a speaker, Lisa engages the room with warmth, and challenges thinking with her broad experience. She is a high impact story teller and supports others in building the skill. Time with Lisa is guaranteed to be both thought provoking and a great investment in yourself. Whether it’s during a program or a one on one basis, I’ve seen the way Lisa creates a safe environment, builds trust and takes clients on the development journey. When you call her number you know you will get a calm voice and will be asked the questions that you need to find the answers too. She is a secret weapon in the corporate world.

- Justin Greiner
JBWere, Chief Executive Officer

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a number of talented individuals who are experts at what they do and Lisa Stephenson is one of them. She is the master of asking the key questions you need to reflect on and listens so deeply to your answers that you just know she hasn’t missed anything. Time together with Lisa means you walk away stronger, aware of what is possible and of most importance. She has the unique ability to be both grounded and practical, whilst increasing your confidence and self-belief. You know Lisa cares and you know she is invested in your personal growth. She is the person you want backing you and will always tell you the truth. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always exactly what you need. Thank you Lisa.

- Rosemary Batty
Family violence campaigner and Australian of the Year 2015

Lisa is an exceptional coach, facilitator, mentor, business brain and leader. She drives significant business results by supporting and challenging leaders at critical juncture of their careers. Lisa understands how to influence the levers of performance – and applies exceptional IQ and EQ to inspire individuals and groups to achieve more than they would have believed possible. She understands that people and culture are integral to a successful business, and connects people in a real, meaningful way. She is smart, warm, funny, and always operates with great integrity.

- Michelle Terry
Movember, Chief Executive Officer

She’s a magical blend of IQ and EQ. Lisa Stephenson brings together intellect with emotional intelligence of the highest form. I heard about her from others I respect and have been grateful on many occasions to have her as part of my support crew. She’s a safe and trusted source who takes great care of her clients. Confidentiality is critical and she’s just a phone call away. Apart from the obvious credibility she brings as a coach, she’s also great fun and generous with her conversation, knowledge, network and time. When you meet her, you know why people are attracted to her energy and tell her everything! Over the years I've engaged her talented coaching team to work with me and my leadership teams. Whether you’re in the middle of managing crisis or wanting to be better at what you do, Lisa Stephenson is a name you should remember. Lisa, thank you for the difference you make to so many.

- Jenni Bliss
Department of Health, Executive Director, COVID-19 response

Lisa Stephenson is a highly trusted individual to many, including myself. Her coaching and relationship skills invite immediate conversation and learning for those she works with. In my experience she knows just the right questions to ask, how to reflect back what’s she hearing, and where to hold individuals to account. There’s no judgement, just an expectation that people can be and do more, if they do the right personal work on themselves. Her passion for personal growth and a healthy mindset are clear upfront. Lisa is great at what she does and I know she makes a real difference to the people who are brave enough to choose her.

- Paul Marsh
Australian Football League Players' Association, Chief Executive Officer

There are many many coaches in this world, but in over 35+ years in industry I’ve only met one Lisa Stephenson. Lisa’s intuition, experience, commitment and humanity are, to put it simply, unique. You know when she’s in the room, the impact on those around her is obvious. Whether she is upfront on stage or speaking quietly to the person at the back of the room, Lisa is always present, challenging and does it without judgement. Lisa builds and holds the trust of those she works with as a cornerstone of her approach. For over 12 years I’ve trusted her skill, integrity and generosity. There’s hundreds of people who’ve experienced her coaching and programs, and they are better at what they do because of Lisa’s very personal commitment to them. I recommend her unconditionally.

- David Hornery
Judo Bank, Co Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Stephenson is a trusted advisor to many. Respected for what she does and trusted for who she is. Her personal story is relatable to many, but what she’s known for is her work as a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker. I’ve engaged Lisa multiple times over the last 8 years across different organisations. I’ve personally experienced her coaching and know many others who have too. The feedback you hear is always the same. Lisa doesn’t fit the coaching mould. Her focus is not agendas or strategies, rather it’s on potential, truth and doing the work on yourself. She has the conversations that truly evolve who you are. She brings warmth, skill and high expectations to the table and you know that things will be different. Her reputation often precedes her, and as it should. You’re in safe hands.

- Megan Collins
Judo Bank, Chief People Officer

A coaching relationship is an amazing benefit and privilege, and if your person is Lisa Stephenson I think you can multiply that by more numbers than I care to count. Lisa is such a talented person to have in your life and in your corner, particularly when you’re in a role that has significant responsibility. Whether it’s a formal coaching session, ad hoc check in call or an urgent crisis you need to work through, she seems to magically be there ready with her thoughtful, sometimes challenging but always purposeful questions and supportive words. You are able to trust her to not judge but enable and empower your own learning and reflections. She will assist you to create time for you, to reflect on what really matters, and your big ‘why’ - which in my experience assists me to continue to bring the best version of me that I can find. She’s generous with her resources, network and time. Most importantly, she is a spectacularly talented coach who leaves no stone unturned, (yes - be careful what you wish for!). It’s a unique, sometimes challenging and always valuable experience when you spend time with her. It makes me smile just to see her name in my emails or scheduled in my diary. I’ve engaged Lisa on and off over the past 10 years at critical times in my career and life. Every now and then you meet someone who truly makes a positive mark on your ‘why’, in your ‘how’ - and in your heart. Thank you Lisa, for doing what you do.

- Robyn Hayles
Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, Chief Executive Officer

I have worked with Lisa in varying capacities (and companies) for the better part of a decade now, if there is one thing I know to be true about Lisa, it’s that she is a results whisperer. She has a way of saying the unsaid, helping leaders bring light to the shadows, and uncover the things that get in the way of success, and all in a way that is steeped in care. She cares enough to challenge directly and it gets results. I suspect that’s why leaders take Lisa where they go, and why I’ve come to rely working with her on many occasions, and in many different contexts. Beyond coaching I’ve worked with Lisa to bring keynote addresses to challenge our entire workforce to think about learning, career and self-development. If you want a true and seasoned professional who isn’t afraid to challenge directly (or laugh out loud), Lisa is brings the goods.

- Melitta Hardenberg
Seek, Learning and Development Manager

There are not enough words I could use to express how grateful I am to have made a connection with Lisa and to have worked with her over the last 5 years across multiple organisations. As my coach, her effortless style, humour and authenticity, along with her considered coaching insights, allowed me to gain the confidence to push boundaries and meet challenges head on. She really gets under what’s going on for you, and ensures she’s done the right work with you to set you up for success. She’s highly intuitive and always knows where and when to prod and push, all the while making you feel supported. Lisa’s in it with you and all the way. After coaching with her, you know you are a better and more self aware version of yourself. I’ve seen her in action as a thought provoking speaker, and as a facilitator engaged to work with my leadership team. Her energy, knowledge and passion for human potential is contagious!

- Fiona Batten
Travel and Beyond Australia/NZ, Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Stephenson is not for everyone. She gets under your skin and into your head. She listens so intently that it can be unnerving. She asks questions you might not want to think about. She sets homework and who wants that? But in the middle of the talking and reflecting, she finds a way to bring together your ideas and thoughts. When you see her name scheduled in your diary, it’s both comforting and a bit scary. You know you need to be prepared, and also that everything feels better when you’ve had time with her. Over the years I’ve engaged her as my coach, ordered her book for my teams, and also had her speak at large events to share her coaching insights and personal story. She always nails the brief and seems to know what people need to hear on the day. Lisa is also just a really inspiring and fun woman to have in your life, if you dare!

- Melanie Hilton
Westpac, Chief Operating Officer, Risk Division

Lisa is one of the most effective leadership coaches I have worked with. Whether it is as a speaker to larger groups, or facilitating tailored multi location executive coaching programmes for smaller teams, Lisa connects deeply with individual leaders through a combination of technical capability and authenticity. Her energy and good humour make her just a delight to work with. I would definitely recommend Lisa as someone I would trust to uplift the leadership capability of an organisation.

- Jason Murray
Humm Group, Chief Financial Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa a number of years ago where she played a central role in preparing me for a significantly expanded role. As a Coach Lisa is able to get to the heart of your professional and personal growth needs using a clear framework coupled with a very personable yet professional approach. Importantly, Lisa is able to deliver the messages that you need to hear in a way that leaves you feeling positive and energised about making transformation and lasting changes. Her energy and positivity is absolutely infectious. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa then take it!

- Patrick Vizzone
ANZ Hong Kong, Head of Coverage and Food, Beverage and Agribusiness, International

For people to lead they have to know themselves. For people to lead themselves, to achieve their own goals, they have to know their own WHY. Watching Lisa take corporate execs on their journey of self discovery is a joy. Seeing people discover and learning to see their own light is what makes leadership infectious.

- Christine Yates
Australian Unity, Chief Executive Officer at Retail

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