Kate Connors

Kate Connors - Psychologist & Executive Coach

Kate is a highly respected and well known C-Suite executive, psychologist and coach within the Australian and New Zealand workplace mental health sector. With 30+ years of experience supporting the mental health & wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations, Kate has been advising and driving thought leadership in the workplace mental health & wellbeing space, way before we knew how critical it was.

Having worked in C-Suite roles herself, Kate brings a level of empathy and understanding to the coaching and support she provides to leaders of all levels. As chief executive of a national psychology and employee assistance services organisation, through to Chief Mental Health Officer for one of the “Big 4” professional services firms, Kate has proven her capacity to assess, connect, and make a positive difference on the range of complex challenges leaders face in today’s world.

With a Masters in Counselling Psychology, her approach is anchored in the power of meaningful connection and creating psychological safety quickly, resulting in an honesty and openness for which clients express a deep appreciation. Kate’s playful style and warmth also enables moments of laughter and positive emotion when most needed - yet not anticipated.

Kate has supported hundreds of leaders to reflect and drive their own mental health & wellbeing, from critical moments of risk of self-harm, through to boosting individual performance in 1:1 coaching. Kate is passionate about the role leaders play to establish safe settings in their teams, promoting healthy workplace and “work-life” design, and driving leadership performance in defining times of career and role transition.