Dr Jessica Tonissen

Dr Jessica Tonissen - Head of Leadership and Talent

As our Head of Leadership and Talent, Dr Jess brings an experience very few have.

If you are looking for someone to give you the answers, validate your excuses, and do the work for you…. Dr. Jess is not the coach for you. If however, you are looking for someone to stretch you, ask better questions, take radical responsibility for you, and do the work of building your best self… Dr. Jess will be your number 1 advocate and champion! We are all ultimately responsible for us, but we were not built to do it alone.

With over 17 years’ experience across the fields of psychology, performance coaching, leadership and talent development, Dr. Jess knows what works when it comes to creating high impact outcomes for leaders and teams, and how to truly transform organisational culture.

Dr. Jess is a highly skilled and intuitive coach and facilitator. She is known for her ability to stretch people to look deeply and honestly at the person they are today, the life they are living now, and to take responsibility for creating the version they get to be in the future. She is obsessed with people and our potential for incredible things. She rapidly builds deep trust and connection in her coaching relationships, and holds this as the non-negotiable bedrock for disruption, challenge and lasting change for her clients.

She has worked in large corporate organisations undergoing transformation, small agile businesses undertaking growth and as an independent performance coach and leadership consultant. Dr. Jess has designed and facilitated global leadership and talent development programs, worked with Boards to redesign organisational culture and supported Executives and CEO’s through deep, transformative 1:1 coaching.

As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, her approach is anchored in the science of human thriving. She believes that powerful leadership, of ourselves first and then of others, comes from deeply understanding who we are, and making conscious and deliberate choices about how we engage in relationships and with our world.

Her most important leadership role is as a mum to her two strong, kind and very funny little girls! They are the ultimate ‘mirror’ and provide endless opportunity for joy, challenge and personal reflection – including on her slight potty mouth! While work is play for our Dr. Jess, when she is not playing here, you might find her playing (very) armature soccer… another robust opportunity for joy, challenge, and personal reflection!