Colin Moore

Colin Moore - Head of Projects and Initiatives

A former engineer, Colin has a natural curiosity for how things work and what makes people and organisations thrive. He has an innate understanding of authentic relationships, the unique brilliance that every person brings to the team and the difference that they can make in the world. He was born to lead and brings a wealth of experience to the conversation when it comes to people and potential of all things.

With over 30 years of sales and marketing leadership within the telecommunications industry, Colin has a depth of experience garnered in high growth and rapidly evolving markets. He has led teams that have developed and implemented ground breaking products and services that have truely transformed clients lives. He obsesses about how we make our clients feel by making everything we do simple, surprising and high impact.

Colin is known for his strategic thinking and strong commitment to creating possibility at every touch point. He’ll admit to being a complete strategy geek who thinks deeply about things like - why organisations exist and what makes them endure. Conversations with Colin aways have you leaving with more questions and an intelligent optimism about what could be created and learnt.

Colin's passion connects our team with a valuable ability to imagine the possibilities through collaboration, our unique culture and deep expertise. His greatest strength is in building long term relationships that are deeply trusted, and always anchored in integrity and respect.

Colin drives key initiatives that align our purpose, promise and people, with our global vision for life changing coaching for those who choose to trust us with their personal growth.

When he is not asking lots of crazy questions at work, he can be found sailing a boat or sipping nice wine. He’s also a rock solid husband and Dad to 3 amazing boys who think he’s a convenient uber driver for getting them to surf comps.