Coach Me 25

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What is it?
A highly-experienced coach will facilitate this 10-week program based on 25 key coaching questions that'll challenge you to work through what's working and not working in your life. If you’ve ever wanted to review, reset and prepare for your next chapter, then 'Coach Me 25' is for you. If you want or need something in your life to be different, read on! You'll delve into your mindset, career, relationships, health, beliefs, habits and more. It'll be thought-provoking, inspiring and impactful. The 25 questions will clearly show you where you need to pay attention in your life. To ensure you know how to create something new, and to coach yourself to greater success going forward. We also share with you 25 key strategies that successful, happy and healthy people most use in their lives.

This program is about creating dedicated space for you to reflect, think, feel and plan. Our coaches have spent endless hours getting the design of this personal development experience just right. If you want to be more effective in what you do, more aware of what's possible for you, and happier in how you live and work, then 'Coach Me 25' will accelerate your growth and plans. This is about you and your future.

If you’ve always wanted to be coached, you're in the right place. If you’ve been coached before and are ready to step in again, here we go. There will be some laughter, there might be some tears too. And there will definitely be learning, and changes you'll want to make.

Program approach:

  • Masterclass 1 – Review and reset
  • Masterclass 2 – Mind, body and emotion
  • Masterclass 3 – Creating personal and professional success
  • Masterclass 4 – My future
  • Masterclass 5 – Being human
  • This 10-week program is available online and in situ
  • 5 x 2-hour sessions occur every two weeks
  • 25 coaching questions everyone should be able to answer
  • 25 strategies/habits/behaviours to set you up for success
  • Your coach will offer complementary activities for you to do in between sessions
  • There will be time allocated in every session for your questions

Are you an organisation?

  • We work globally with our clients and can support the integration of this program into your current development initiatives and cultural programs.
  • 'Coach Me 25' can be scaled across your organisation with large class sizes, allowing for participants to have a shared experience.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs are available for your internal HR and L&D teams. We provide you with all collateral, knowledge and training so that they can deliver Coach Me 25 for your people.

Are you part of a team?

  • 'Coach Me 25' can be delivered to existing teams to develop shared language, commitment and coaching culture.
  • For leaders, this program will give them conversations starters and experience in how to structure meaningful conversations with their own teams.

Are you an individual?

  • Yes! One of our experienced coaches can deliver this program for you privately. Fees available on application after further understanding of your desired outcomes.
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