Chantal Horton

Chantal Horton - Coach, Mentor & Lead Facilitator

Chantal is a high-impact performance coach, mentor, and facilitator who has been a friend of The Coach Place for many years. Her recent return to Australia from Dubai has allowed her to bring her global coaching expertise to The Coach Place team.

If qualifications matter to you, Chantal is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She is also an accredited Coach through the International Coach Federation. If experience matters to you, Chantal possesses over 20 years of human resource consulting experience gained in the Middle East, the UK, Europe and Australia. Her areas of specialisation are Executive Coaching, Leadership, Talent Management, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence. Chantal also holds a particular interest in coaching high potential and high performing individuals to attain exceptional levels of performance in challenging environments.

Chantal has partnered with boards, CEOs, executive teams and leaders to provide coaching and consulting across, in a variety of industries including Banking & Finance, Federal & Local Government Entities, Telecommunications, Aviation, Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Insurance, Engineering and FMCG. She has extensive facilitation experience working with executive audiences to enhance their levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, in order to help them become the authentic leaders they need to be in order to perform at their best. Chantal has also been involved in coaching the executives of many semi-government start-up entities in both the UAE and KSA where global experts are recruited in order to build the capability of locals and transfer knowledge in an emerging market. These industries are future focused and include healthcare, space, digital transformation, industrial revolution 4.0, smart cities and sustainability.

Chantal possesses an ability to interact honestly and establish rapport and credibility quickly, combined with a strong commitment to client service. Chantal’s coaching and facilitation approach is behaviourally focused, practical and commercial. She believes in ‘just-in-time’ interventions that can assist clients to quickly gain self-awareness, develop new skills and apply them, as and when, the business requires them to. She has been described as challenging, motivating, firm and fair by her clients. Her clients in particular, value her relationship driven approach where she builds rapport, but then does not shy away from giving direct feedback when required, in order to challenge her clients to unleash their untapped potential. Chantal’s balance of support and accountability assists her clients to feel safe to stretch themselves beyond what they believe is possible, whilst tolerating the inevitable discomfort that occurs during significant behavioural change.

Chantal’s experience as an Executive in large organisations in the United Arab Emirates and her strong commercial acumen and change management expertise allows her to possess a unique perspective of the challenges her Executive clients’ experience day-to-day. Additionally, due to her extensive experience as a Psychologist, Chantal is able to unpack the root cause of issues through a targeted discovery process of core beliefs during the coaching process. Whilst working in the Middle East Chantal had the opportunity to work with over 250 different cultures and she is passionate about learning about different cultures and leveraging diversity in organisations.

After living in Dubai for twelve years, Chantal is now based in Melbourne with her two children and loves working out, walking along the bay and enjoying the Melbourne food scene.

If you are ready to truly do the personal work that is required to unleash your hidden potential, create sustainable change, and accelerate your leadership impact, Chantal is your person.

Client Testimonials

Chantal is one of the most outstanding Talent Development professionals in the UAE market today. Her obsession with her quality of service and in keeping with the latest and best in her field is observable from the first time you meet her. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Chantal as part of my UAE Government Executive Leadership Development Program, and she has proven to be one of the best coaches especially for UAE candidates. Her several years’ experience in the region along with her proper understanding of the UAE and GCC culture makes her the person of choice for developing, delivering and leading UAE Nationals Development Programs. Her approach is outcome based with exceptional attention to details; she is a straight shooter with very accurate and insightful observations. She has a proven track record of delivering on her projects which make her highly reliable. Even having a cup of coffee with Chantal proves to be a learning experience.

- Saqr Al Hemeiri
Chief Innovation Officer, Director of Learning & Development, Ministry of Health & Prevention

Chantal has a passion to help others and is able to get to the root of any underlying issues. She has the style and is forthright enough to ensure that the client addresses this issue. She is able to develop strategic plans with the client to eliminate the issue. Chantal is truly driven with a passion for what she does. She is highly effective because of the trust she builds naturally, and I would highly recommend her.

- Confidential
Managing Director, Aggreko

Coaching has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life. Originally, I started coaching with Chantal thanks to an initiative of the company’s CEO (and my boss at that time) which I found it as one of the best things that companies could do for their people! Chantal’s amazing way of coaching helped me understand and focus on my strengths while holding a mirror in front of me to see my weaknesses and work on them. She has been an amazing listener and motivator, guiding me in a number of instances both professionally and personally making me looking things in a totally different perspective. I am extremely grateful for that experience, and I feel privileged to have worked with Chantal; her uplifting and fun personality makes it very easy to open up and wonderful to work with her, she is a real treasure!

- Nena Koronidi
Group Treasury Director, Mazrui Investments

I got to meet Chantal during my time at the Harvard Business School almost over a year ago. It was an instant connection from the first session! She has an absolutely amazing style and approach that made me feel comfortable. Chantal is an expert in her field and very well acquainted with the different cultural settings and C-suite leadership styles. This makes her guidance and advice relevant and tangible rather than just theoretical. I then engaged her on a personal level as my Coach. During this time Chantal was able to equip me with the right tools to navigate personal challenges and she helped me to enhance my self-awareness and provided me with techniques which helped me to step into my power as leader. I would have not been able to manoeuvre and tackle these challenges without her support. I am forever grateful to have her in my support circle.