Anna Meirelles

Anna Meirelles - Coach and facilitator

With over 30 years’ experience in education, counselling, coaching and business development, Anna designs and delivers impactful coaching and developmental programs that truly develop individuals, culture and leadership in order to deliver high performance. With an Honours degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and accreditations in a range of organisational and individual measurement tools, she has more than one trick up her sleeve when it comes to clients. Fuelled by good coffee and dark chocolate, as well as a desire for clients to see all the possibilities, Anna excels at supporting people to discover new ways of attaining goals and stretching themselves.

Clients experience growth and development that’s beyond the realms of their imagination – Anna's guidance enables them to challenge limiting beliefs and habits, find possibilities in their problems, discover internal and external resources to make the possibilities a reality, and commit to the actions needed to make it all happen.

Anna’s been involved with the NAB’s Thrive experience since inception. She’s incredibly flexible, using a broad range of coaching techniques to suit the needs, goals and style of each individual.

Personally, she fantasises about a PA to do all her paperwork, is often caught dancing in the kitchen with her daughter, and has a passion for Italy and Italians – so much so that she bought one of them home to marry. What a souvenir!

Client testimonials

I have been lucky enough to work with Anna over the past year, as my coach on our company’s leadership development program. This involved group and one on one coaching, and Anna was brilliant at both. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna to any business or individual, and I feel lucky I have had the opportunity to work with her. Anna is caring, smart, a great listener and questioner, and very effective. Thank you Anna!

- Sarah Parkes
Treasury Wine Estates, Director Independents, On Premise and Field Sales

Anna is one of my most favourite people in the world, so it is my pleasure and privilege to recommend her to you. Working in HR with over 25 years in the Banking industry, I have engaged a large number of professionals for our teams to leverage their strategic guidance, personal development, and trust/team building experiences. And Anna is one of the best. She has an uncanny ability to build trust, create an environment of flow and remove mental blockers - almost without you noticing the work. Because whilst Anna is gentle and fun and oh so funny, she is also focused and knowledgeable and gives you nowhere to hide. Not only will you engage Anna to help you build trust, improve communications and pinpoint strategic intent with you and your team, you will have met someone truly special, and who you have created an enduring professional relationship with. What a win.

- Natalie Thomas
Macquarie Bank, Program Manager

I have engaged Anna to facilitate team days on a number of occasions, ranging from small groups of direct reports, to entire team days comprising groups of more than 80 people. Every time, Anna has taken the time to understand the outcomes we were looking to achieve and to learn as much about the team as she could, and she designed the days accordingly to achieve the desired outcomes - which ranged from team bonding to strategy development.

Anna is outstanding at quickly establishing a rapport with the participants in her sessions and creates an environment which encourages honesty, creativity and also a lot of fun. Every session that Anna has developed and facilitated for me has been outstanding and has exceeded my expectations. The feedback that I have received from the teams that have been involved in Annas sessions has been extraordinary and in fact many of my past and present leadership teams have engaged Anna to develop and run days for their own teams after their experiences as participants. Anna has been instrumental in helping teams that I have led to reach their full potential. The days she has facilitated for us have been nothing short of outstanding, and I am extremely grateful to Anna for all the care and thought that she has put into creating these days, and the outcomes she has helped my teams achieve.

- Simone Van Veen
NAB, General Manager, Consumer Everyday Banking

It is my pleasure to provide this reference for Anna Meirelles and to be able to recommend her work as a facilitator and team builder! Anna has worked across numerous assignments for Rogerseller. On each occasion, she demonstrated flexibility of approach, and adaption of content to meet the specific needs of her audience. Her empathetic, warm and genuinely open personality enders her to all participants! I personally witnessed a remarkable transformation in team dynamics in just one days workshopping with Anna. She was able to diffuse tension, turn negativity into positive energy, and finish the day with team hugs all round!

- James Edmonds
Rogerseller, Managing Director

Anna assisted in the design and delivery of a team strategy day that brought two businesses together; our business and a service provider for a core business product. Over time the relationship between these businesses had become strained due to a lack of communication and poor goal alignment. The purpose of the workshop was to allow groups to share objectives and co-develop common goals to drive shared success.

The day was as outstanding success, the guys loved the sessions and there was a positive energy throughout the day. Anna’s open and balanced approach provided a safe environment that allowed the teams to get beyond historic challenges and create a new forward path together. The energy the teams left with remains in place today and our working relationship with the service provider is a now a true partnership that continues to deliver value for our business and our customers. I would have no hesitation in inviting Anna back again to help in future team days.

- Allan Goldring
NAB, Head of Acquiring

I had the privilege of working with Anna over a period of 10 months as part of a broader work leadership program. The focus of the coaching centred around what made me ‘me’, what influenced me as a person and what changes would help improve this. Through our coaching sessions I found Anna incredibly easy to have open and honest dialogue with, and someone who listened attentively, often able to bring in small details from previous conversations to help explore different topics. While most of our coaching was done on a remote basis (I am not Australia based), the flow of the conversation was never impacted.

As someone who never spent a lot of time self-reflecting, I was grateful for Anna’s ability to tease out key issues and challenge me to find the root causes. I also appreciated her true caring side and focus on mindfulness – tangible changes I have been able to make to my everyday life.