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What is Coach Place?


What is Coach Place?

Coach Place is a unique online platform that gives premium members access anytime and anywhere to some of the world’s most renowned coaches, authors, experts and thinkers in the personal development space. Coach Place is where you learn to coach yourself. We are committed to creating personal development opportunities for everyone who is ready to work on themselves.

What do I get in my premium membership?

  • Masterclasses - You will be invited to thought provoking masterclasses that are facilitated by highly experienced coaches, where they will have you reflecting, thinking and working on you.
  • Articles - Our insightful articles are written by a range of authors, coaches, researchers and experts who are passionate about personal development.
  • Micro-learning - You will have access to hyper relevant, bite sized videos that will accelerate your learning from a wide range of highly regarded experts. In under 5 minutes, you will hear practical ideas and strategies you can immediately start to implement in your own life.
  • Interviews - You will see interviews with a range of people who have great stories to share. You will hear and learn from entrepreneurs, leaders and those who are continuously curious and learning.
  • Curated learning resources - Coach Place members will quickly notice that curated learning resources are part of the learning experience. At the click of a link, we will take you to more of what you are most interested in.
  • Coaching couch - Our coaching team will write to you from the ‘coaching couch’, sharing coaching conversations, themes and hot topics from around the world.
  • Write to us - As a Coach Place member, you are invited to tell us what you want to learn more about with direct emails to our inbox. Our coaches, researchers and writers will respond.
  • 20 new content uploads - With a minimum of 20 new content uploads across a month you will have consistent access to new dynamic resources to motivate and energise your commitment to personal growth.