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Masterclass with Lisa Stephenson

Why do you behave the way you do? Master your impact!

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 at 10am AEST for 1 hour.

Why do some people irritate you so much and others are a pure joy to work with? And why do we behave the way we do? Everyone’s behaviour is driven by their emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Throw in life experience, education and external influences and we humans continuously become more complex.

That being said, we usually slip into a particular behavioural ‘style’ by age 21. Researchers have spent much time looking at the patterns that make up certain behavioural styles and their work helps us understand typical responses under stress, the preferred environment, the common limitations and strengths in interactions.

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The more we understand these general characteristics, the better we may adapt or leverage to achieve a desired response or outcome. In this session you will look in the mirror to see what everybody else sees - the surface level behaviour, not your personality.

In this masterclass with The Coach Place Founding Director, Lisa Stephenson, you’ll gain new insights into triggers, motivations, needs and drivers, and build self-awareness, arguably the most crucial component of emotional intelligence. This greater awareness will help open up new possibilities and pathways for improving relationships and interactions with others. By knowing and managing your own behaviour, to reduce conflict and build trust and rapport, you’ll more successfully influence others in their cooperation, commitment, and tolerance of behavioural diversity.

For those of you who have read a lot about behaviour, yes, Lisa will be using the DISC framework as a basis for this masterclass.

Are you ready to have a more positive impact? Our clients laugh a lot in this session. Behaviour is at the core of everything that we are. Prepare yourself!

About Lisa Stephenson
In Australia and in global markets, Lisa Stephenson has a reputation as an ultra, high-impact coach, often behind the scenes with C-Suite executives and high-profile individuals in fast-paced environments where absolute trust is non-negotiable and the stakes are high. An extensive client list includes individuals, government, not-for-profits and ASX enterprises. (You have probably seen some of Lisa’s clients in action without knowing that she plays a role in their performance, mindset and well-being - in fact, their effectiveness and success in every aspect of life and work.) Over 15 years of global coaching experience has seen her working with these CEOs, Directors, elite athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators; and working across financial services, telecommunications, FMCG companies, health, education, sport, government bodies and media. You can read more about Lisa here.

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This masterclass is strictly for The Coach Place members only and attendance is included in your monthly/annual membership. To register your place, please email us here and we will send you the code to get your complimentary ticket.