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Masterclass with Dr Kristy Goodwin – Flourishing remotely

Neuro-productivity tactics to optimise your remote work day.

Tuesday, 30th November at 10am AEDT for 1 hour.

Lisa will host Dr Kristy Goodwin for the Flourishing remotely masterclass. Working remotely poses potential pitfalls if we’re not working in alignment with our brain and biology. Digital burnout, constant digital distractions and an ‘always on’ culture can put a dent in productivity and derail employees’ wellbeing.

In the Flourishing Remotely masterclass, Dr Kristy helps employees thrive whilst working remotely. She shares brain-based strategies to ensure productivity is optimised and wellbeing prioritised while working at home during a pandemic.

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Join us as Dr Kristy explores:

  • A four-step system to plan a work day as you work from home, or in a hybrid approach;
  • Key biological markers to maximise focus and output at prime times of the day;
  • How to build a fortress around focus to minimise unnecessary digital distractions; and
  • Recognise the importance of digital disconnection for peak-performance.

In this 60 minute virtual masterclass, you will be armed with a menu of micro-habits so you can work remotely without sacrificing productivity, mental wellbeing and/ or physical health. Help your employees to thrive online at home and reduce the impact of digital fatigue.

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This masterclass is strictly for Coach Place members only and attendance is included in your monthly/ annual membership. To register your place, please email us here and we will send you the code to get your complimentary ticket.

Who is Dr Kristy Goodwin?
Having personally experienced how our always-on digital culture is compromising people’s wellbeing and is counter to optimal and sustainable performance, award-winning researcher and speaker Dr Kristy Goodwin is on a mission to promote employee wellbeing and bolster workplace productivity in an always-on digital world. As one of Australia’s digital wellbeing and productivity experts, she shares practical brain-based hacks to tame tech habits and the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak performance in the technological era. Senior business leaders and HR executives from the country’s top organisations engage Dr Kristy to help them promote employee digital wellbeing and performance. Read more about Dr Kristy here.