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Dr Jessica Tonissen

With over 15 years’ experience across the fields of psychology, coaching, leadership development, wellbeing and organisational culture, Dr Jessica Tonissen supports and challenges individuals and groups to unlock their own insights and generate new solutions to their most important questions.

As a curious and thoughtful coach and facilitator, Jessica focusses on building self-awareness, capability and ultimately choicefulness in individuals and groups; creating positive impacts for individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

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Clients gain access to new choices through her focus on building self-awareness, and capability. With these new choices, those who work with Jessica are empowered to make meaningful change and progress towards the best version of themselves, at work and in life.

A Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Jessica provides individual coaching with a focus on leadership development, emotional and relational intelligence, wellbeing and performance. She is an expert in conducting 360 degree leadership assessment using The Leadership Circle to build awareness around habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour and the associated leadership impact, as well as team assessment and coaching using the Squadify team acceleration platform to drive increased productivity, performance, engagement and connectedness within teams.

Jessica’s guidance ensures leadership development with an emphasis on bespoke and contextual design to ensure organisational ‘cut through’ and impact. She excels at applying the psychology and neuroscience of people and performance; connecting with those who respond well to an evidence-based approach.

Jessica has led the design and development of world class leadership and talent development programs, to build award-winning solutions from graduate level to C suite. She has also designed and facilitated bespoke leadership coaching and feedback effectiveness programs to support organisational capability uplift and culture change.

Jessica is a Leadership Circle Profile Certified Practitioner, a SquadifyPro Certified Coach and is furthering her coaching credentials through the NeuroLeadership Institute Brain Based Coach Certification. Jessica also has education and training in positive psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Agile methodology.

Her approach is anchored in the psychology and neuroscience of people and performance, using meaningful data to guide insight and action, and a sense of corporate pragmatism. She believes that powerful leadership, of ourselves and others, comes from truly understanding who we are, and making conscious and deliberate choices about how we engage with our world.