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Coaching Conversations

What is it?
There’s never been a more important time for leaders to consciously choose the impact they're having on their people and culture. This program shows leaders how to have the most important conversations using the most effective coaching strategies. People need to know that their leader’s intention, skill and commitment to meaningful conversations and outcomes can be trusted.

Coaching conversations 510

This program works through five important 'types of conversations' all leaders need to have – and the five 'adaptive roles' that create connected and high-impact results. They learn how to facilitate the big conversations in the aspects of performance, career, behaviour, potential and those that are personal. They also explore how to adapt into the various roles of coach, mentor, leader, manager and friend for best outcomes. Without fail, clients consistently tell us that this is the program they wish they had experienced earlier in their career.

'Coaching Conversations' will answer these questions for participants:

  • How do I know when I should challenge and when I should nurture?
  • What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?
  • What's the framework to use when I want to build confidence and skill?
  • How do I create a learning experience that invests in and values my people?
  • How do I prepare for the difficult and robust conversations?
  • What's the most effective way to manage performance-related conversations using a coaching approach?

'Coaching Conversations' is designed for everyone who's responsible for the development, feedback and culture around them. Aspiring leaders are immediately more confident, and experienced leaders feel newly energised and focused. It can be delivered to in situ teams to develop shared language, commitment and coaching culture. Coaches, HR professionals, learning and development specialists, and leaders of all kinds will benefit from this program.

Program approach:

  • 3 x 2-hour online sessions or 1-day workshop format in situ.

Are you an organisation?

  • Our team has facilitated 1000s of hours of coaching conversations with individuals and teams. 'Coaching Conversations' is the answer to upskilling those who need to have these important conversations.
  • We work globally with our clients and can support the integration of this program into your current developmental initiatives and cultural programs.
  • This program can be scaled across your organisation with large class sizes, allowing for participants to have a shared experience.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs are available for your internal HR and L&D teams. We provide you with all collateral, knowledge and training so that they can deliver 'Coaching Conversations' for your people.

Please contact us today to make an enquiry about 'Coaching Conversations'.