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Coach Us

What is it?

This coaching program will leverage potential, increase impact and embed coaching into your culture. It'll take a group of individuals and accelerate their understanding and respect for each other. They'll experience what coaching conversations should feel like. 'Coach Us' sets the challenge! How can you become the most effective, successful and high-impact team possible?

Coach us 510

'Coach Us' combines individual deep work with a collective team view to growing together. Every participant develops a personal coaching agenda and will be taken through an accelerated coaching approach. Some of the questions they'll find the answers for:

  • Why do I behave the way I do?
  • How do I become more effective in how I live, lead and work?
  • What's getting in the way of me being the best version of me?
  • What do I know I need to start and stop doing?
  • How do I add value to my team, using my strengths?

As a team, they'll robustly engage in the most important conversations relating to both their performance and their relationships with each other. They'll create and own the growth agenda, while our skilled facilitator supports and challenges them at every touch point. Just some of the questions the team will explore:

  • What does success really look like and feel like for us?
  • How will we know if we are high performing?
  • What behaviours, strategies and commitments are needed for us to deliver?
  • What's most going to get in our way and how will we manage that?
  • What more do we need to learn and leverage?


Coaching creates an opportunity to change habits, increase self-awareness and create healthy mindsets. From an organisational perspective, we know having a shared vision for success is critical. This program is about allocating dedicated space for participants to reflect, think, evolve and plan – together. We're now working in a world of greater complexity, where expectations of teams and leaders are ever higher. 'Coach Us' is a fully immersive experience that has teams knowing what they stand for and what success looks like. Communication is key and self-awareness is critical. For those who are ready to step in and up and deliver, personal growth and coaching come together in this program.


'Coach Us' can be delivered to established teams to develop shared language, commitment and coaching culture. Where trust and connectedness are essential, this program should be considered. Where you have identified talent across an organisation that you want to bring together and leaders who need to get there fast, Coach Us will use the very latest coaching techniques to support their growth.

Program approach:

  • 3- 6- 9- and 12-month variations of this program are available.
  • Confidential 1.5-hour coaching session per month per participant.
  • Group 2-hour coaching session every 6 weeks.
  • Facilitated online or in situ.

Are you an organisation?

  • Our team has facilitated 1000’s of hours of coaching conversations with individuals and teams. 'Coach Us' is the answer to creating a true coaching culture.
  • We work globally with our clients and can support the integration of this program into your current developmental initiatives and cultural programs.
  • 'Coach Us' can be scaled across your organisation with large class sizes, allowing for participants to have a shared experience.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs are available for your internal HR and L&D teams. We provide you with all collateral, knowledge and training so that they can deliver 'Coach Us' for your people.

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