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Coach Me 25

Facilitated by our founding director, Lisa Stephenson. 25 coaching questions she asks every coaching client.

The next Coach Me 25 program commences 15th July 2021 at 2:00pm AEST. Discounted rate for Coach Place premium members applies.

What is Coach Me 25?
Our founding director, Lisa Stephenson, will facilitate this 10-week program based on 25 key coaching questions. She will challenge you to work through what is working and not working in your life. If you’ve ever wanted to review, reset, and prepare for your next chapter, then Coach Me 25 is for you. If you want or need something in your life to be different, read on! You’ll delve into your mindset, career, relationships, health, beliefs, habits and more. It will be thought-provoking, inspiring, and impactful. Working through the 25 questions will give you clarity around what aspects of your life need your focus and your action. To ensure you know how to create and coach yourself to success going forward, we also share with you the 25 key strategies that successful, happy and healthy people most use in their lives.

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This program is about creating dedicated time and space for you to reflect, think, feel and plan. Our coaches have spent endless hours getting the design of this personal development experience just right. If you want to be more effective in what you do, more aware of what is possible for you, and happier in how you live and work, then Coach Me 25 will accelerate your growth and plans. This is about you and your future.

If you’ve always wanted to be coached, you are in the right place. If you’ve been coached before and are ready to step in again, here we go. There will be some laughter, there might be some tears too. And there will definitely be learning. Everyone is welcome. You just need to be curious, open and ready to learn more about you. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Maybe you’re wanting to change habits that don’t serve you, create a healthier mind and body, or have no idea where to start but know you need something to be different. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur, a parent returning to paid work, or someone who wants to be better in some way, we’ve got you covered. The Coach Me 25 questions and strategies are for everyone!

Program approach:

  • Masterclass 1 – Review and reset
  • Masterclass 2 – Mind, body and emotion
  • Masterclass 3 – Creating personal and professional success
  • Masterclass 4 – My future
  • Masterclass 5 – Being human
  • This 10-week program will be delivered online via Zoom.
  • 5 x 2-hour sessions, occurring every 2 weeks.
  • 25 coaching questions everyone should be able to answer.
  • 25 strategies/ habits/ behaviours to set you up for success.
  • Lisa will allocate activities for you to do between sessions to support your thinking.
  • There will be time allocated in every session for your questions and conversation.
  • Lisa will be encouraging interaction from the group during the masterclasses.

Your investment in you:
$350 including GST per person for the full 10-week program.
Group discounts apply if you are registering more than 10 people.


Confidentiality and recordings: Each session will be recorded for the coaching group so that registered individuals who want to watch it back, are in another time zone or miss a session can. Recordings will be accessible from our confidential platform for registered participants only for 7 days after filming and then removed. Due the confidential nature of the questions and comments participants make in this program, the sessions will not be published or shared and we will ask everyone to make a commitment to respecting the privacy of those participating. Participants who join the live sessions will be asked to have their cameras on, but it is their choice.

Lisa’s promise: The Coach Me 25 sessions won’t change your life - but will provide you with the coaching questions and inspiration that means you can! Lisa is committed to being thought-provoking and practical, and especially committed to providing healthy doses of inspiration to support your growth throughout this program. Find clarity, your best way forward, your next steps, your best life.

The experience: Prior to the commencement of the program we will send you details on how to truly maximise the experience and how to best prepare for sessions. You will receive Zoom invites for all the sessions so that you have the time allocated in your diary.

Dates and times:

  • Thursday 15th July
  • Thursday 29th July
  • Thursday 12th Aug
  • Thursday 26th Aug
  • Thursday 9th Sep

All sessions are 2:00pm – 4:00pm AEST.

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This program has already commenced, but you are welcome to join us for the next session. Please email us here to register.