If you're responsible for the performance, effectiveness and wellbeing of others, then having high-impact coaching skills is critical. The world is asking for master communicators who can empower, build bench-strength at pace, all while connecting on a trusted level. The future success of individuals and businesses everywhere depends on our ability to grow the people around us. Future innovation is not about technology – it's about human capital. Having talented people in your business is not enough, neither is having people who work hard or have high EQ. The world we live in requires people who are self-aware, ask better questions, listen hard and can look around corners. We need people to know their strengths and leverage them. The role of a coach is to truly grow the effectiveness and impact of those they're working with.

It matters little whether you're a start-up business or leading a global team – a coach who wants to sharpen your skills or an aspiring leader who wants to add coaching expertise as part of your toolbox – our 'Coach' program is for you. It's an accelerated and deep immersion into the most current and effective coaching strategies for the world that we live in now.

If you want to be that person who knows how to tap into the true potential of others – it starts within. Great coaches are intuitive thinkers who ask questions that have not been asked before. They know when to prod, when to listen and how to create significant accountability. As a result, they upskill those around them, have stronger working relationships and healthier teams with resilient and optimistic mindsets. The 'Coach' program is delivered to you by some of the most experienced and talented coaches from around the globe. The complex and fast-paced environment we're all living and working in requires constant and agile learning, and our 'Coach' program builds the skills and knowledge you need to lead the way.

Our 'Coach' programs are available in three different levels to reflect the coaching experience of participants. We'll partner with you to determine the most valuable and high-impact learning for your people.

Level 1 – For those who are being introduced to coaching and need the fundamentals.

Level 2 – Designed for participants who are coaching as part of their role and want to upskill and build their knowledge of current strategies. Curated learning materials, stretch activities and optional (recommended) coaching are integrated.

Level 3 – Specifically for coaches, HR and L&D professionals, and leaders who want to stretch their learning and accelerate their expertise. Experienced guest speakers, case studies and practical projects are integrated.

Are you an organisation?

  • We work globally with our clients and can support the integration of this program into your current development initiatives and cultural programs.
  • 'Coach' can be scaled across your organisation with large masterclass sizes, allowing for participants to have a shared experience.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs are available for your internal HR and L&D teams. We provide you with all collateral, knowledge and training so that they can deliver 'Coach' for you.
  • 'Coach' can be licensed on an annual basis.
  • Please note, this program is also available as a face-to-face program with your people in situ.

Are you part of a team?

  • 'Coach' can be delivered to established teams to develop shared language, commitment and coaching culture.
  • For experienced teams, 'Coach' will build capability and a high-performing culture where people feel challenged, accountable and empowered.

Are you an individual?

  • See our programs page for the next public program dates for 'Coach', related masterclasses or to make an enquiry.
  • Yes! One of our experienced coaches can deliver this program for you privately. Fees available on application after further understanding of your desired outcomes.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, founding director or anyone wanting to be better and do more, see our individual coaching programs.
  • Subscribe to The Coach Place program for immediate access to thought- provoking articles, masterclasses, curated learning materials and inspiring interviews.


To build confidence and current coaching strategies in individuals who are responsible for the performance, effectiveness and wellbeing of others.

Coaching is different

Coaching is different to mentoring, leading, managing and counselling. Those roles are effective in their own way, have their own place, and achieve different outcomes. Coaching, uniquely, trusts that the 'coachee' has the ability to solve the problem, make the decision, plan the outcome and think through what success really looks like. Coaching is about tapping into potential: empowerment, accountability, responsibility, getting results. (A coach rarely gives advice or makes a recommendation.) The evidence for positive impacts from effective coaching is growing, significant and global. Workplaces with a coaching culture have higher retention of talent, increased productivity, and deeper more respectful relationships.

Proposed outcomes

  • Greater awareness of the impact they have on the performance of others by upgrading coaching skills.
  • Learn/build the skills required to engage in robust, trusting and results-focused coaching conversations.
  • Understanding of strategies to self-manage, positively influence, and create accountability when coaching.
  • Build appreciation for the role of beliefs and values when it comes to coaching and personal success.
  • Increased knowledge of different models and methods to coach (lasered, momentary, individual, team).
  • Creating a coaching space for different people and varied situations (the ‘coaching lens’).
  • Improvement in emotional intelligence and understand what current personal strengths to leverage.
  • A lifelong commitment to inspiring and facilitating the self-development of others.
  • Becoming a better team player, leader, partner, parent and friend, as a result of knowing how to coach.
  • Stronger and more respected/trusted personal brand.

Core elements

  • Online masterclasses: 4 x 2.5-hour masterclasses and 1 x 3-hour masterclass.
  • Masterclasses occur every 3–4 weeks depending on client-preferred timeline.
  • All masterclasses are facilitated online via your preferred platform.
  • We are able to tailor this experience for your people as required:
    • Integrate your senior leaders as guest speakers or invite them to a Q&A session.
    • Provide one-on-one coaching to complement the work being done in the online masterclasses.
    • Utilise various profiling tools and assessments where this would add value to learning.
    • Tailor the tone, content and pre-work for the experience/background of the group. 'Coach' can be modified for participants who are learning about coaching for the very first time, right through to highly-experienced leaders who want to sharpen their coaching strategies.

Are you interested in the online version of 'Coach'? Download our full program outline below for more details.

Or for the face-to-face version, this is a customised program. We will therefore provide a quote depending on duration, numbers, and location. Click here to make an enquiry to setup a time with one of our facilitators to discuss the program.

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