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Career coaching conversation with Jon Eddy

Limited to 10 Coach Place members.

Tuesday, 18 January at 10.30 am AEDT for 1.5 hours.

Highly-experienced coach, Jon Eddy, is facilitating this coaching conversation for 10 Coach Place members only. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in a virtual coaching room that'll be meaningful and outcome-focused.

This is a perfect opportunity if you want to have time and space to think about your career. Jon will be asking coaching questions that’ll get you thinking about what’s next for you. There will be conversation around how you can create your next opportunity and how to navigate getting there. Bring a creative and open mind as he pokes and prods your thinking, so you can explore where you are now and where you want to go. This is a unique opportunity for you to talk through your career with a highly-regarded coach.

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The session won’t be recorded, and you’ll be asked to safeguard what’s discussed (to not share the content with others). Please be prepared to have your camera on and be ready to both listen and share. You’ll receive an email prior to the session, asking you to submit your burning questions. Coach Jon will prepare thoughts on consistent themes.

My ticket

Jon's coaching conversation is strictly limited to 10 Coach Place members and attendance is included in your monthly/annual membership.
To register your place, please email us here and we will send you the code to get your complimentary ticket.

Who is Jon Eddy?

Jon is a coach, mentor, leadership facilitator and a team culture consultant, but whatever role he takes with you, it’s all about your work and a single-minded focus on your evolution and progress. Sessions with Jon will engage your head and heart and help you explore what’s going on in both, as questions without easy answers come your way, leading to insights you never had before and new ways of seeing the world around you. Jon is endlessly fascinated by the power of great questions and ideas, and the work of grappling with them. You’ll benefit from that fascination.
Choices you never thought you’d have become available, and you’ll feel more powerful as you let go of old ways of thinking, being and doing that have brought you to where you are now but need to be stood down to make way for your new ways – the ones that can take you to the next level.