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Your top 5 reads

The best of the best from the past quarter
Blog 160 Our top 5 reads

We’ve had lots of new members join us recently and can also see many of you really investing time in reading and watching our content. In case you’ve been ‘busy’, here’s the top five reads that you won’t want to miss out on:

  1. The topic we’re all talking about, is ‘The great resignation’, which tells of the impending shift in the global workforce. Here you’ll find five coaching questions to help you work out if you’re ready for a big career change soon.
  2. 16 high-impact self-sabotaging behaviours’ reminds us to check our critical inner voice and shows us how to identify self-destructive thoughts and habits. Know that ‘failure’ can deliver some great opportunities!
  3. What a fascinating micro-learning presentation given by Paul Taylor from The Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute. He delivers four strategies to enhance our resilience. In under 5 minutes, you’ll learn all about sleep hygiene and arousal control. Don’t miss this twice!
  4. High up there of the most watched masterclasses to date, is AFL legend James Hird. From sporting success to media scrutiny, to rock bottom. Learn how James rebuilt himself up to the optimistic future he now has.
  5. Don’t confuse what you feel with your potential’ resonated with a lot of you this month, or perhaps the 7 am ping in your inbox after the ‘night before’ was just timely? Be mindful that the stories we tell ourselves can sometimes get in the way of our future selves. There are some great coaching questions here to help you reflect.

We hope you take the opportunity to read, watch and listen!

And we’re keen to hear your feedback and respond to you requests, so email us anytime here.

– The Coach Place Global

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