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Would you turn down a promotion?

There’s a workplace reckoning afoot
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Do you ever look back on the relationships you’ve had with exes and wonder: what on earth was I thinking?

Well, that’s exactly what workers around the world are doing right now with their employers. It’s as if, collectively, we’ve woken up one morning to the realisation that we’ve worked hard and without flexibility for too long, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

COVID-19 has taught us a lot. It’s taught us that we can work from home if we need (or want) to. That we can work flexible hours if we need (or want) to. That no job is worth more than our mental wellbeing. That work is about more than money. That with so much uncertainty around us, we should do whatever we can to create the life we want.

Proof of all of the above has emerged in a recent report from Atlassian and PwC Australia. Here’s a snapshot of key takeaways:

  • 69% of Australian workers would turn down a promotion to safeguard their mental health.
  • 42% of Australian workers would consider changing jobs to access flexible work options.
  • 37% of Australian workers would quit their job if their employer acted in a way that didn’t align with their values.
  • 82% of Australian workers agree that businesses should take action to address societal issues like climate change, equality, and poverty.
  • 74% of Australian workers say businesses should be just as concerned with their social impact as their financial performance.
  • 68% of Australian workers believe companies that take action on important issues are more attractive as employers.
  • 55% of Australian workers want to help shape the issues their employers take action on.

There’s no doubt about it: people are embracing this crazy time that we’re living in and making it work for them. As the great resignation unfolds, workers are finding themselves in the unique position of being able to tell their leaders what they want (or where they can go if they don’t deliver). For starters, they want:

  • more balance in their lives
  • their personal and professional lives to align
  • greater opportunity and flexibility
  • their spiritual, mental and emotional health to be protected
  • to be able to chase ambition and promotion, while still taking care of themselves
  • leaders to take a stance on societal issues

This list of ‘demands’ is by no means unreasonable. In fact, it seems mad that we’ve never asked for them before. But there you go: it took a global pandemic to show us that we can indeed ‘have it all’.

Here are some coaching questions to help you focus on what really matters to you:

  • What kind of flexibility and autonomy is available to me?
  • Do I know what resources I have access to that support my wellbeing?
  • Does my leader normalise conversations around mental health and burnout?
  • Does my leader inspire me with their commitment to a social cause?
  • What opportunities are there for me to have a say about my values and ideas?
  • Am I clear about how to define and measure what personal and professional success means for me?

Now is not the time to be complacent. In 10 years, nobody wants to look back and think: I should have asked for this, or I should have pushed for that. Leave that kind of regret for bad exes.

– The Coach Place Global

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