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Past, present or future…
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How much time do you spend focusing on the present? It might sound pretty simple, but believe us when we say that it can be easier said than done.

Generally, we think of ourselves in three versions: the past, present and future self. While it’s important to honour all three, it’s our present self that we should focus on.

Let’s explore why.

Sometimes we get stuck thinking about the past, whether it’s positive or negative. We may wish we’d have our time over and make different decisions, or maybe we wish we could go back to a happier version of ourselves.

On the flip side, sometimes we get stuck thinking about the future. We may think, ‘I know I’ll be happy when I can finally buy a house,’ or, ‘I know I’ll feel successful when I’ve bought my dream car and have that job.’ As with our past selves, there are also positive associations, like when we focus on a goal, or a dream, or something that we might one day be good at.

Our past, present and future selves all deserve our attention, but the present is the only version of us that we can influence right now; it’s a place where we can create a deliberate and conscious life based on the information, experience, knowledge, skills and state of health that we have right now. This is where we ask ourselves questions like: Am I clear about what I value in this moment? Have I spent time thinking about the people I surround myself with? How do I feel about my financial position? What is most calling out for my attention? What one thing could I do today that my future self will thank me for?

Let’s be clear that there is a significant difference between living in the past or present and taking time to reflect on the past or present. Your past experiences should serve the current life you are living, not sabotage what is possible for you.

Your present self is who can accept your past and who can also feel intelligently optimistic about your future. It’s the version of you who can understand what is and isn’t working; who can experience gratitude and take responsibility for the life you’re living. Ideally, your present self will feel a sense of peace and contentment with your lot. This is particularly true for emotionally intelligent people, who choose to live in the present and make decisions based on the information they have in that moment.

Our question to you today is: Are you living through your past, present or future self? Sure, your future self is calling, and your past self should be honoured, but your present self should be where most of the action is at. Make some great decisions today that serve everything that you are.

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Hadija Saidi

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