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Thoughts from a meditation coach

When we move our bodies and minds in new ways, we can respond in new ways
Jacqui Lewis 2 HGL Meditate 23

Nearly all of our automated responses to situations were formed before we turned seven years of age. So tiny! However, when we're peaceful, calm, grounded and stable, we can move from a new standpoint, and not act on old conditioning.

Let me ask you: how many times in the past 12 months have you felt completely at peace, calm and stable? This is why meditation can be so helpful. And therapy, coaching, mentoring, yoga, exercise, learning things completely foreign to us and so forth. Because when we challenge ourselves, we can evolve. When we get to the point where we're okay with being uncomfortable with our very own selves, then we can shift. When we move our bodies and minds in new ways, we can feel, think and respond in new ways.

Monday Mar 22

Letting go of who we're supposed to be, and getting in touch with who we truely are, is often not easy work. It takes a lot of humility, tenacity, usually an ego battering. It’s putting an end to the performance, dropping our guard, letting go of what other people think and people pleasing. It’s all the stuff we say to kids, but don’t follow through on. Run your own race. Dance to the beat of your own drum. You do you. But then, were we led by example – are we leading by example?

Being human is often quite complex, because we don’t even know what we don’t know about ourselves. This can be approached in a light, humble way, which means that everyday is an awe-inspiring path of learning.

With kindness, Jac x

Who is Jacqui Lewis?
Jacqui 's the founder of The Broad Place: a school for creativity, clarity and consciousness. A meditation teacher, author of three books, mentor, and philosopher, Jacqui works with people from all over the world, helping them align to their highest-grade selves, through programs, courses, workshops and retreats.
If you're looking for more of Jacqui’s wisdom, her book High-grade living is beautiful.

PS: Meditation is one of those things that I never understood. I mean seriously, I could have gotten something really useful done in the time that I sat there supposedly doing nothing. Then I discovered Vedic meditation when I stumbled across Jacqui’s work. After 20 years of coaching and mentoring in the human potential and high-performance space, I’ve become a huge advocate for meditation, both for myself and my clients. Our bodies and brains need stillness for healing, creativity and more. If you’re feeling post-pandemic fatigue, try some meditation. There are so many fantastic apps, including Calm, Headspace and Bloom – and I’ve had my children using Smiling Mind since they were little – Lisa, Founding Director, The Coach Place Global.

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