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The year that was

It’s been one we’ll remember
Blog 223 The year that was

It’s funny (or not) to think back to 12 months ago, when we were all happily shoving 2020 into the archive of years we’d rather forget. In the news, journalists made all kinds of optimistic predictions for 2021, detailing the destinations we’d be travelling to, the big events we’d be attending and the general loveliness to expect when life returned to normal. Ha! There was a time when that annoying virus was expected to pass us by … OK, some predictions did come true. The Tokyo Olympics and Wimbledon happened, albeit a year behind schedule. Live music and theatre have only just re-emerged from the shadows. And lots of us got the jab.

Please indulge us as we take a moment to reflect upon some of the other big-ticket items that defined 2021:

  • News of the world – The US Capitol riots. Biden’s inauguration. The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. The COP26 summit. Some shoddy steering in the Suez Canal. Billionaires in space. Britney freed! A Friend-ly reunion. Serious or otherwise, these were the events that captured our attention this year.
  • Mass vaccinations – At the time of writing, more than eight billion doses of COVID vaccines had been administered globally, with 56.5 per cent of the world’s population having received at least one dose. Not bad considering it was only this time last year that the first vaccines were approved for use.
  • Freedom! – People celebrated the smashing of vaccination targets with long-awaited reunions with loved ones, or by queuing up outside shops in the middle of the night. We let out a collective cheer when we were once again able to see smiles on mask-less faces, reconnect with family and friends, and pull out the old moves on any dance floor that would have us. The simple pleasures we once took for granted were so much sweeter – though our socialisation and fashion skills could probably do with some work (or is that just us?).
  • Hitting reset – The pandemic might have caused job losses in its early days, but workers have been calling the shots as the great resignation unfolds. More than 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September alone and many others are expected to follow their lead around the globe. We’ve even seen poll results that suggest up to 95 per cent of people are thinking about quitting their jobs! (Whether they do it, of course, is a completely different story.)
  • We arrived! – On a personal note for The Coach Place team, we launched our content platform on 20 April and since that time, we’ve posted 211 blogs for your reading pleasure. Choosing a favourite is up there with nominating a favourite child, but we must admit we’ve got a soft spot for the positive vibes pieces we collate each fortnight. From the food court for elephants to the rollout of a malaria vaccine in Africa, those stories always made us smile.

That’s it, we’re done reminiscing. We’re ready to say farewell to the year that’s been, and to set up for the year that’s to come. We have lots planned for you. There’s never been a more important time to be clear about what success, happiness and good health mean to you!

– The Coach Place Global

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