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The great realisation

People are resetting more than just their careers right now
Blog 206 The great realisation

We’ve written several pieces about ‘the great resignation’, which is occurring around the world right now: people packing in their jobs in the wake of the pandemic and moving on to greener pastures.

As it happens, this movement has inspired so much more than just career changes. Yes, many of us have woken up to the fact that we don’t like our jobs, or are done with the daily commute, or can’t be bothered dealing with leaders who aren’t as awesome as they could be. Perhaps we want to be part of an organisation that has a higher purpose? Ultimately, we’ve realised that our careers must be about more than just working hard.

But beyond this, there’s a broader reset that's happening. The ‘great realisation’ that we as coaches are seeing for 2022 is that people want to reset every aspect of their lives. We’re having significant conversations with clients about everything from divorce to sea changes – after all, why stop at our careers? In this moment, we have an incredible opportunity to reassess all the parts that make us tick.

Aside from careers, we’re seeing a huge number of people evaluating – and resetting – the following categories in their lives:

  • Finances – People are leaving their city homes in droves, opting for a more affordable lifestyle in regional areas. With hybrid working becoming the norm, we’re no longer tethered to our desks and have greater freedom to choose where our money can take us.
  • Lifestyle – Now that lockdowns are lifting and life is returning to ‘normal’, we’re reflecting on the things we want to do differently day-to-day. Do we like who we hang out with? Maybe we’ve always wanted to learn to kayak, or take that caravanning adventure around the country?
  • Environments – This is about asking ourselves whether the environments we put ourselves in are meeting our needs. This encompasses everything from our workspaces to our local communities, to our home. Could there be a better fit elsewhere?
  • Significant relationships – Many of us have butted heads with those we’re closest to over the past two years, whether through surplus time spent together in lockdown, or conflicting opinions on everything from vaccines to politics. COVID has shown us that life is short and precious. People are asking themselves: ‘Do I want to be with this person anymore?’
  • Learning – We're no longer just thinking about being happy – we're thinking about how much we're growing and whether we like the person we're becoming. We're thinking about our potential and the impact we want to have. People are asking themselves: ‘Do I feel like I'm learning enough?’ ‘Is my life rich enough?’ ‘What's the legacy I want to leave behind?’
  • Wellbeing – Wellbeing has never been a higher priority than it is now. People are exploring what they need to do more (or less) of to optimise all aspects of their health – be it physical, mental or emotional. The pandemic has tested us and now is the time to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

Have a think over the coming days about the elements of your life that could benefit from a reset. Time is ticking to the end of 2021. What version of you do you want to carry into the new year?

– The Coach Place Global

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