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Masterclass recording with Andrea Clarke

Andrea shares her best insights, research and tips for a future proofed career.
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Today we are sharing the recording of our recent masterclass with the super smart Andrea Clarke. It’s 51 minutes of thought-provoking conversation. Why did she lose her job in Iraq? Her personal story had us all engaged and wanting to know more. Her obsession for growing careers was evident from the moment we started talking (she has a voice that is very easy to listen too). Are you Future Fit? You will see me madly writing notes during the class, because there were so many great insights shared by Andrea and I knew I wanted to do more thinking. What was clear, is that we have a 12-month window right now before the opportunity passes. This is not a time for us to be change neutral.

Just some of the questions we answered, discussed and explored:

  • What is the impact of technology and disruption on our careers and businesses?
  • How do we set up for success in a new era of working?
  • Have we missed the moment?
  • What’s the role of our network now that we are working from home?
  • What have Red Bull shared recently that we found so interesting?
  • What does activating energy for change mean?
  • Should we be thinking more about reputational capital?

If you’re needing some lighthearted relief today, you could go scroll below to the of the recording and hear my 9 world famous questions.

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