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Quote of the day

So true
I mean this from the bottom of my heart if its textable dont call me

Something a little light hearted today. In the spirit of recognising how much time many of us are spending on zoom type platforms, we are sending our support to everyone who is receiving texts only today. Good for you!

Do you feel like you have no words left? We understand. The way we are communicating and working has changed. Current research says the average person is speaking 7,000 per words per day (and some are many more than that) and that you hear over 30,000 words per day. Of course your brain processes much more than that too.

It’s an important time for self care, boundaries and putting limits on noise pollution. Also, some people are just annoying and we don’t want to talk them. We get it.

Take care of you today.

- From your Coach Place team.

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