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Risks, uncertainty and discomfort can bring the greatest success.
Blog 105 Quote Taking no risk is the biggest risk

Failure is not the opposite of success. The biggest reason for avoiding risk is often to protect ourselves from the potential failure or consequences of getting something wrong. We are not suggesting that you should be reckless with your decisions or behaviour, but rather, be clear that a life without thoughtful risks lacks the richness of learning what you are really capable of.

We coaches are fascinated with human potential and possibility. There is research that indicates the average person (not that we are saying you are average) only uses about 40% of their personal potential. That’s a significant statistic.

We often find ourselves in coaching conversations with clients who want something in their life to be different, but 1) they aren’t prepared to do the work that is required; or 2) they are focused on all the things that might go wrong. When we are tested, we learn to trust ourselves and we build resilience. These are two critical factors that are linked to mindset.

Coaching tips for today:

  • Reflect on risks you could take and test if they are really opportunities in disguise
  • Consider when you last felt uncomfortable and had to learn new strategies or thinking
  • Be clear on the consequences of living a safe life.

- The Coach Place Global team.

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