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Success rarely happens accidentally
Blog 123 Quote Success is where preparation mindset and commitment meet up and say hello

What does ‘success’ look like for you for the remainder of 2021 and beyond? None of us planned a global pandemic as part of our personal and professional success. Your thoughts around success, ambition and what makes you happy may have changed over the past 12 months. Here at The Coach Place we’ve been having conversations daily with people about what they want life to look and feel like in one, three and five years’ time.

Success is personal and it doesn’t happen accidentally. Some people rarely feel truly successful, and some people feel it often. This is a time to really know what you want and need, and how to create it. Today’s quote is something our founding director is often heard saying. Preparation, mindset and commitment are the three key attributes to living a successful life, whatever that means for you.

The bottom line on success:

  • Make sure it's your life and version of success that you're living (not your parents or friends).
  • Don't wait for the ‘right’ time to start.
  • Honour your future self and potential.
  • Be committed, consistent and courageous.
  • Play big!
  • Prepare and plan.
  • Manage, nurture and grow your mindset.
  • Be clear about what you're committed to (motivation will pass and is of little relevance when it comes to success).

If success is on your mind, here are a few resources to get your started:


  1. Elite minds – Stan Beecham
  2. Tribe of mentors – Timothy Ferris
  3. Principals for success – Ray Dalio
  4. How the most successful people work from home – Laura Vanderkam
  5. Read me first – Lisa Stephenson (PDF, book and audio versions all available)


  1. The Tim Ferriss show
  2. How I built this – Guy Raz
  3. On purpose – Jay Shetty
  4. Success resources – Jake Nicolle

– The Coach Place Global

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