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Your feelings should not determine your future
Blog 141 Dont confuse what you feel with your potential

It’s hard to miss the ongoing rhetoric around the idea that what we think and believe determines how we feel, and how we feel is directly connected to the decisions we make and the reality we create for ourselves. There’s no doubt that our feelings are much impacted by our past experiences and seep into our everyday behaviours, decisions, actions and reactions. So, it makes sense that we need to be aware of this dynamic and our habitual thinking patterns. As coaches we’re always interested in what’s top of mind for clients. What they’re feeling says a lot about their potential, and their need and ability to change, get uncomfortable and to learn.

So, today’s quote is a bit of that thinking and feeling stuff, but also about the stories we tell ourselves that get in the way of our potential. How we feel about ourselves today is a very different thing to understanding what we’re capable of tomorrow. Research indicates that for many people, 60 per cent of their potential – their capabilities and strengths – remain unknown. What ‘baggage’ do you carry that impedes your progress? What feelings are getting in the way of finding what’s possible for you?

If you’re feeling a bit blah, uninspired and lacking the ambition you used to feel, here are a few coaching questions for your reflection:

  • What recurrent feelings do I have that don’t serve me?
  • Am I basing my choices on healthy thoughts rather than negative feelings?
  • Am I searching for the harder truths and seeing the actual reality?
  • Do I know what I’m really good at and am I leveraging those strengths?
  • Am I tapping into the best of me and actively pursuing my best life?

– The Coach Place Global

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