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Quote of the day

As Michelle Obama says …
Your story is what you have what you will always have It is something to own

Here at The Coach Place we take personal stories seriously. It’s some of our most favourite work that we do with our clients.

Knowing how to share and tell our story is a skill. Understanding and owning our story is a huge part of the process of stepping up more fully into ourselves, and taking responsibility for our future. Looking at our accomplishments, learning from our mistakes, and understanding what choices we’ve made and why, prepares us to forge new paths towards consciously chosen goals. It’s so important to understand what and who has influenced us.

If you haven’t thought too much about how your identity is uniquely yours, ask yourself these six questions to get started:

  1. Who am I? (Write your answer in five sentences)
  2. What do I most remember about my childhood?
  3. Which one person has most influenced me – how and why?
  4. What's important to me and why?
  5. What am I most proud of?
  6. What makes me happy?

These questions are just the start of a journey to self-discovery, which can help to clarify future directions, what strengths and passions you have to offer, and what your personality and behavioural traits are. What does a 'high performing you' look like?

The benefits are far-reaching. Our work across the world has shown us that people who know their story are better at establishing rapport, credibility, authenticity and trust. If other people play a significant part of your life, it’s just as important to understand their story too.

We think Michelle Obama rocks by the way.

– The Coach Place Global

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