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Mindset and well-being are close friends
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Hello Everyone,

As we publish this, more than half of the Australian population is experiencing lockdown or various restrictions, and the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic. Many of you will be reading this as you head towards another challenging work week, trying to come to terms with our reality – ‘living with’ as opposed to ‘beating this’ wretched virus. We know that work, home and family commitments continue on, and that the emotional fatigue is real. We’re all trying to do the best we can. Sometimes we sink, sometimes we swim, and sometimes we rise up! In all the uncertainty, one thing we know for sure is that if you don’t plan for your physical and emotional rest and well-being, you might lose it.

Today’s quote is about thinking about how we can best operate and achieve in our next chapter. What are the strategies we can all use to make sure we are set up for wellness?

  1. Reset multiple times a day if you need. Stop, take a deep breath, remember who you are and who you want to be, and what you want and need to do. What we coaches hear regularly is that one minute the world feels OK and the next we lose our minds over something ridiculous. It’s all part of the rollercoaster. When you feel you’re heading down, get off and make time to reset your mind. Do this over and over and it will become easier and faster as you build skills akin to muscle memory. The brain, like a muscle, gets stronger and behaves differently as you use it. There is a reorganising and rewiring, making stronger and faster connections, and embedding the memory of how a reset works and feels. This process improves with practice and is an important part of healing, and managing mindset. Resetting is a skill you can learn. It’s a bit like riding a bike! Once you know how, it stays with you.
  2. Refuel in small moments and also in bigger ways that you plan. What saps your enthusiasm and energy? We can’t stress enough how important it is to manage ourselves, to consciously refuel mind, body and soul. We can of course indulge at times, eat cake, and stay in our pyjamas all day. But we can’t afford to squander our energy, dragging our feet and limping our way through to stagnation and even burnout. Check out this article ‘What are you doing this weekend?‘ for some ideas. Please take care of you. Rest, sleep and find ways to energise whenever you can manage it. Practice appreciation and get organised. No one is coming to make this happen for you. Plan micro breaks into your everyday. Schedule them in. We know that’s challenging, but you need it and you won’t regret it.
  3. Refocus on what personal and professional success means for you. Take what you’ve loved, learned and hated about Covid-19 life over the last year, and start to design your plan for the next 18 months, 3 years and 5 years. Start to evolve the conversation onward from where you are now. Adapt, flex, pivot, strategise - keeping your focus on what you want going forward. No matter your personal views on vaccines and lockdowns, 2022 is just around the corner and there will be new and different opportunities. The research is clear in this article 'The Great Resignation', that up to 40% of the global workforce is considering changing their role. What do you want or need to rethink, change, stop, start, continue? How will you do it?
  4. Restart as often as it takes for you to grow your resilience and ambition and to feel in flow. The world has changed and we all need to change within it. There’s lots we can’t control but plenty we can. Most especially, we can control ourselves – emotional intelligence. Successful people don’t get stuck in doing what they’ve always done. They move forward. They find the positive wherever they can. They’re happy to get uncomfortable if that’s what it takes. They can change, take new directions, develop new thinking and find new opportunities. When they get knocked down they bounce back up. They’re solution and forward focused. They are kind to themselves, and they believe they are worth the effort it takes to restart when things go bottom up. They do the work. Above all, they commit to achieving their (new) goals. Our best tip: Don’t let one bad day, become two bad days. Go to bed tonight with clear intentions for what you will start tomorrow.

- From your Coach Place team.

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