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Sometimes you just have to let it go
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Let it go!

For those of you with children, this might bring back memories of that famous song from the Disney movie Frozen, when Elsa had us all wanting to ‘let it go’!

But seriously, sometimes the most grown-up thing to do, is to ‘let it go’. It takes a lot of energy to be sad and mad. We aren’t talking about forgiveness or anything complex here. Just the concept that what most serves us can be consciously deciding to no longer invest energy in something that isn’t helpful or healthy.

An activity we often do with our coaching clients is to ask them to identify five experiences, beliefs or personal issues that they need to let go of. This is really about two things:

  1. A form of self-care
  2. It’s what emotionally intelligent people do

Here’s to us all choosing, when we can, where we invest our time. Here are some coaching questions to get you started:

  • What gets a lot of my attention and shouldn’t?
  • Is this in my control?
  • What do I achieve by thinking and talking about this?
  • What might be different for me if I just let it go?

– The Coach Place Global

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