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Know who you are when life is hard
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It’s really easy to be awesome when everything in life is working as you need and want it to. But who are you when life is hard? You don’t have to be eternally optimistic, but you do need to be positive and resilient whenever you can manage it. If this feels like the right time for you to be thinking about this, here are some coaching questions to reflect on.

  • How self-aware are you?
  • What’s it like being around you when times are challenging?
  • How well do you self-manage your energy and impact on others?
  • How long does it take you to bounce back?
  • Do you look for solutions or problems?
  • Can you reframe your own thinking to something more positive?
  • Do you trust it will be better tomorrow and that 'this' will pass?

– The Coach Place Global

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