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Are you prepared to do the work?
Blog 170 Quote of the day

What are those goals you’ve had in the back of your mind that keep calling out to you? Perhaps you’ve casually commented for years that you'd love to run a marathon, or write a book. Maybe there’s some study you long for, or an adventure you dream of.

This is not a 'soft' quote about following your dreams, it’s a serious prod to think about what’s possible if you’re prepared to do the work. In coaching conversations with clients, we’ll often ask about ‘the cost’ of the ambition, such as, how many hours of training would be required to successfully complete a marathon?

Test your commitment with these questions:

  1. What compromises would I need to make?
  2. Who else would be impacted by my goal?
  3. What resources would I need to make this happen (time, money, people)?
  4. How will I feel if I don’t do it?
  5. How will I feel if I do it?

Maybe it’s easier than you think, and you just need a solid plan and some help from the right people. Maybe after some deep thinking, you realise it’s harder than you thought, but still worth it.

Success rarely happens accidentally, and neither does personal growth. Consider this your personal invitation to get serious about designing the life you live.

– The Coach Place Global

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