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Time is not the issue!
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It’s interesting how many people contact us asking if we can facilitate time-management training. Our response is often along the lines of: ‘You can’t manage time – there are 24 hours in the day and always will be, as far as we know.’ What actually matters (and this requires some discipline) is what you consciously choose to do with those 24 hours.

Time management as a concept is kind of boring – I mean, does anyone really want to talk about it? What’s important and energising is to think about what’s possible when you’re deliberate about how you spend your days, who you spend them with and what you can achieve. By understanding what matters most to you – what you want to be known for and what happiness, legacy and purpose mean to you – you can prioritise your time accordingly.

Being clear about what you value should come in handy the next time you receive a calendar invite. In such situations, it pays to carefully consider what you’re saying yes to – remembering that, for everything you take on, you’re potentially saying no to something else. That extra project you agreed to help with might add hours to your regular workload. Or those client dinners you accepted might take you away from your family more often than you’d like.

A helpful way to use your time effectively is to look at the opportunity cost of the activities filling your diary. Ask yourself 'What will it cost to do that?' and consider the financial, emotional, social or physical ramifications. The project that’s taking you away from your work might be a pain in the short-term, but in the longer term it could lead to new opportunities. On the flip side, those client dinners might not be essential, or could be rescheduled so they don’t hijack your time with family. Factoring in the 'opportunity cost' empowers you to save time for the things that matter, by saying no to the things that don’t.

– The Coach Place Global

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