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Blog 200 Quote I dont want to

We get it! Sometimes life is just hard ... and then it gets harder. Enough with all the tests of my character!

Even the most obsessed self-development junkies have times when they want it all to stop. The challenges get too much, and the learning lessons seem never-ending. No! I don’t feel grateful and no I don’t want your advice … If only those life hacks to ‘unlimited successes’ really worked. And imagine if you could attend a conference with a self-help guru (with extra-white teeth) and find that elusive ‘never-ending happiness’. Sometimes the best we can do is to just survive the day. It’s OK. We’re all about self-determined growth and being resilient, but also, sometimes we just need Netflix and ice cream.

Some top tips from us if you feel like you’ve had enough:

  • Watch Friends from the beginning
  • Avoid everyone who’s happy
  • Buy one of those Oodie things
  • Wear your slippers into the supermarket
  • Play Adele’s music

Yes, we’re being a bit ridiculous, but this is a formal pass if you need a day off from being all things awesome.

– The Coach Place Global

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