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Comfort limits your potential. Discomfort creates possibility
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Ah, comfort versus discomfort. This is something we coaches talk about a lot.

As coaches, we see comfort as one of the greatest limiters of creativity and success. It’s what often gets in the way of people realising what they’re capable of.

Yes, it’s nice to feel comfortable, but it doesn’t allow us to stretch ourselves and discover our true potential. In this state, we’re not being pushed, we’re not having to learn new skills and we’re not building our resilience. When we’re comfortable, we’re relying on the knowledge, attitudes and experience we already have.

On the flipside, when we’re uncomfortable, it’s typically because there’s uncertainty; we don’t know what to do, or we don’t have the skills, talent or mindset to do it. It’s in these moments that we create possibilities for ourselves. We learn what we’re capable of, we become stronger, we increase our confidence and we learn to trust ourselves more.

There are times in life when being comfortable is perfectly fine; this is when we get to be really present and enjoy what we have. But it’s important to recognise that this isn’t conducive to learning or growth.

We don’t want to be uncomfortable all the time, either. But if we can lean into it every now and then, it gives us opportunities to proactively look for learning. Think of it as upskilling; setting yourself up to be stronger, smarter and healthier for the future.

It’s incredible to see how many people emerge from discomfort knowing and liking themselves better. This is where true growth happens. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Do something you’ve never done before with people you don’t know
  • Put your hand up for a project that is beyond your current skill set
  • Change your normal weekly routine up
  • Be prepared to try something that might result in ‘failure’
  • Say yes to something that you would normally say no to

– The Coach Place Global

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