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Choose your hard
Blog 99 Quote Hard

What you need to know is simple:

  1. Being overweight, sick and unhealthy is hard
  2. Staying fit and being healthy is hard.

CHOOSE your hard. The body we have now, is the only one we get. Here are our ten tips for good health:

  1. Make high quality sleep a priority
  2. Be physically active every day
  3. Connect with people who value emotional, physical, spiritual and financial good health
  4. Commit to 5 health non-negotiables, e.g: 4 alcohol free days per week, exercise 5 times per week etc
  5. Drink responsibility
  6. Consult experts and/or educate yourself on how to best nurture your body
  7. Don’t depend on motivation for good health. Motivation is just a feeling that passes
  8. Stop doing the things that don’t work and that you know aren’t good for you
  9. Keep perspective. You can do small things immediately to support your health that don’t cost money or take time much time
  10. Do some excuse busting. What stories do you tell yourself to justify choices that undermine good health.

You will never regret investing in your health. Take care everyone.

Your Coach Place Global team.

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