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Sometimes we need to step back
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Can you see it yet? In the self-development space we hear a lot of people talk about the ‘hustle,’ the ‘grind’ and the ‘hard work’ that goes into personal and business growth. It’s all valid and success does not happen accidentally. But here’s the thing, sometimes the most strategic thing that you can do, is to step back. Sometimes we really can’t see what the problem or opportunity is because we are trying too hard, or because we need a different perspective. Emotional, physical, financial and spiritual growth all require periods of stillness and quiet.

Have you ever felt like the harder you look or the more determined you get, the harder it is? If you feel like you are pushing something too hard, anything at all, like a relationship or a promotion, maybe take a step back and go gentle. Look away and come back to it from a different angel.

In the week ahead, be alert to where you are feeling tension and consider if taking some space and time might be the answer.

Answer (just in case you need it) – ‘the’ is repeated twice. Easy to spot and annoying!

- The Coach Place Global.

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