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I like who I'm becoming
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As coaches we often start a coaching program with our clients looking at three aspects of their life:

  1. Who have I been? (past self)
  2. Who am I now? (current self)
  3. Who do I want to be? (future self)

Coaching is about helping people find their best way forward and all three aspects play an important part in defining and guiding each client’s next chapter. Sometimes clients have come to a good understanding of who they have been but can get stuck there. It’s always important to keep the momentum going, to look at who they're being in the world right now, and then crucially, create the vision and a plan for who they want to become. If you're currently thinking about personal growth in some form, these are three great questions to explore.

We know that if you're feeling stuck, tired, uncertain or uninspired, it can be a real challenge to connect with your definition of future success. Therefore, a strategy to get you in the zone is to put on some favourite music, break out some coloured markers to activate different areas of your brain, and draw/write/sketch/doodle your way to a plan – step back, check your options and refine the vision.

We want you to like who you're becoming and feel excited about what’s ahead. So we respectfully suggest you do the work required to get you there.

– The Coach Place Global

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