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Be careful with your words
Blog 64

We’ve all been taught this and read it, we all know it’s true: 'once something is said, it can’t be unsaid'. Our words say a lot about who we are and what we value. There's some validated research to indicate that males average 2000–3000 words per day, and females average 10–20,000 words per day. I know! No comment necessary. Imagine us laughing as our team was writing this for you. What’s really interesting about this, is that the same research indicated that only 700 of those words spoken are of importance, valuable and thoughtful. The rest is just ‘filler'.

In the midst of a global pandemic, it seems more important than ever that we choose our words carefully and consider the impact we have on those we care about it, and those we’ve never met!

Here's a few coaching questions to reflect on:

  • What’s my motivation for saying this?
  • Is this a battle I need to fight?
  • Are my words necessary?
  • Am I just creating noise for the intended recipient?
  • Will the listener of my words be better, happier or more informed?
  • Am I being kind?
  • Am I telling the truth?

PS: These could be fun stats to share in your next team meeting!

– The Coach Place Global

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