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Who will you hug today?
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There's no denying the power of a hug. In fact, hugs are so awesome that they have their own special day – today marks National Hug an Australian Day! With social distancing restrictions dramatically reducing our human contact in recent years, it seems that we’re all long overdue for one or two.

A consensual and desired hug can be a warm and welcoming greeting, a therapeutic and nurturing touch, and a signal of friendliness and care, helping us bond with others and experience a sense of safety, comfort, and empathy.

But did you know the benefits of a hug extend well beyond that warm, fuzzy feeling it delivers? Hugs are scientifically shown to have a positive psychological effect on both parties. There are several health benefits to hugging that include reducing stress, boosting the immune system, improving heart health, and better mental wellbeing!

Here at The Coach Place, we think it’s a perfect time to show gratitude and appreciation for others, while reaping all the health rewards, by giving someone a big, warm hug.

As it turns out, that big purple dinosaur might have been on to something when he decided that hugs were the standard greeting. So go on, start making it a regular part of your day!

– The Coach Place Global

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