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Magical wisdom from Professor Dumbledore
Blog 305 quote

Any Potterheads reading this will no doubt recognise this quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It comes to light when Hogwarts headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, explains to Harry that it was his own thoughts and actions that landed him in Gryffindor house, rather than the Voldemort-affiliated Slytherin.

We’ve shared this quote with you today because we want to make the point that success is very rarely about how talented or how smart someone is. It’s about commitment, choices and doing the work that’s required. Likewise, it’s the decisions we make – and the actions we take – that define who we truly are.

Consider this a friendly coaching reminder that the life you’re living very much reflects the choices (little and big) that you make every day.

– The Coach Place Global

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