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The world is currently in a masterclass for adversity
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Have you ever heard the saying: ‘You can be bitter, broken or better’?

Well, that’s kind of what Michelle Obama is getting at here, when she talks about the power of adversity. Most of us have a list of things to be sad or concerned about right now. Look at what’s happening in the world: we’ve got a global pandemic, war, floods, climate change… it’s a lot.

But do you know what all these challenges give us? A masterclass in adapting. Consider lockdowns - talk about an accelerated lesson in how to think about things differently, manage with what you’ve got and connect with people in new and innovative ways.

When we’re living through a crisis, or uncertainty, or discomfort, in that moment we tend to think about how awful it is and the impact it’s having on us and people we care about. But if we value the learning that comes from adversity, we can acknowledge that there’s something pretty awesome about growing our resilience and becoming a more evolved person.

Adversity in all its forms teaches us to be stronger and more self-aware. It boosts our confidence, because we’ve discovered that we can trust ourselves and sometimes others, to find a way through. It pushes us to learn new skills and how to adapt our mindset. It shows us that all things do pass, like Scarlett O’Hara once said, ‘tomorrow is another day’.

If you’re having a challenging time, think of it as a masterclass in being a better version of you. We know the fatigue is real and that people have had to do a lot of learning and adapting quickly. But guess what? That’s going to be your biggest advantage going forward. In fact, the tougher you’ve done it, the more opportunity you’ll have to be strong, amazing, inspiring and high impact in your next chapter. There’s plenty of evidence that those who struggle, often have better skills in seeing opportunities and feeling grateful.

– The Coach Place Global

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